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Real Estate Headlines

Clearing the air about green
Some say that the term "green" is so overused that it has lost its distinction, but I disagree. There is a steady stream of new green practices and technologies that challenge the boundaries of what is "fringe" and what will someday be mainstream. Sunday, 2:20 PM

Flooded with red tape
A torrential downpour is a welcome sight in the midst of drought, as long as it does not result in your living room resembling a poorly planned swimming pool. Wednesday, 12:02 PM

At Sunset's Celebration Weekend, small is beautiful
Living in a 400-square-foot cottage might seem antithetical to the current penchant for building mega homes, but that's the trend to be featured at the Sunset Celebration Weekend on June 6 and 7 Thursday, 10:16 AM

In living color
There is nothing drab about Judith Content's world. Thursday, 11:07 AM

Modern -- all the way
Eichler purists should be delighted to visit a largely untouched, original Bob Anshen and Steve Allen-designed home in Palo Alto, which is featured on this year's Silicon Valley Modern Home Tour on May 16. Wednesday, 12:17 PM

Spring 2015 Home & Garden Design
This edition of Home & Garden Design features an updating of a 1960 Atherton home; a revamp of an Eichler incorporating a previously roofed-in atrium; a Tudor with trade-offs; and a small home that stays true to its roots. Monday, 10:13 AM

Tips for saving water
Wondering how much water the average household function consumes? Read on to find out and also for tips on saving water. Friday, 10:18 AM

Inspiration galore on Gamble Garden tour
There are few places quite like the woodlands garden that's one of five private gardens featured in this year's Gamble Garden Spring Tour on April 24 and 25. Wednesday, 12:09 PM

Spring 2015 Home & Garden Design

Reclaiming California's natural aesthetic

Real Estate Matters

Instant help for garden design

Real Estate Matters: Mountain View's year in review

Rent Watch: Charging each tenant for utilities

Exotic proteas come to local markets

Beauty lures the beasts