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Real Estate Headlines

Home Front
Explore the outdoors this week with a spring garden tour at Palo Alto's Gamble Garden, talk about classic shrub roses during The Peninsula Rose Society's monthly meet-up and more. Friday, 5:05 PM

The benefits of bugs in the garden
While "benefits" and "bugs" seem like antonyms, certain insects actually help organic gardens be healthier. Friday, 11:19 AM

Do-It-Yourself: Jazz up the fireplace
When Redwood City resident Glenda Fuge isn't using her fireplace, she likes to add personality to an otherwise dull space with a decorative screen. Fuge, a semi-retired occupational therapist, crafts her own fireplace screens out of recycled materials like metal fences, iron headboards, scrap wood and, her favorite, old window frames. Monday, 10:22 AM

Contemporary tranquility
It was the sound of the creek flowing near the Midcentury Modern home in Portola Valley that drew Julie Dyson in 2011. Monday, 10:21 AM

Recent home sales: Some very old homes change hands
The oldest home sold in this week's column was built in 1912 in Palo Alto. Read on for the details. Monday, 10:20 AM

Sales at a glance: Top sale is $5.6 million
Palo Alto real estate recently sold for between $1.5 million and $5.6 million, according to this week's column. Friday, 2:57 PM

Toy storage
It can be thrilling for children to receive toys on birthdays or special occasions, but what happens when the toys start to pile up? What happens when the playroom becomes a sea of strewn Legos and Barbie dolls and art supplies -- when it's so cluttered that the floor is no longer visible? Friday, 12:16 PM

Garden Tips: The need for design
How do we come up with design ideas? All gardens but those tied by history or notable designers face re-design at some point. Often simple plant replacement can alter a good design, causing imbalance and distortions. Friday, 12:15 PM

Recent home sales: steady sales throughout the area
This week's column shows homes selling in every city in the Palo Alto area, though no more than five in each city. Sunday, 4:05 PM

Sales at a glance: Top sale is $5.6 million

Sales at a glance: Atherton, again, shows biggest recent sale

Home Front

Home Front: Going Native garden tour

Ranch home remodeled

Positively Green: The 'green' and 'blue' connection

Home Front: real estate and home news briefs