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Real Estate Headlines

Treasure hunting
I'm sure you've seen them cruising your neighborhood on a Saturday morning. They drive old station wagons or pickups, jammed with furniture and a sign "I Brake for Yard Sales" slapped on their bumpers. It's the garage sale addicts. Tuesday, 1:24 PM

Home sales: $21 million sale closes in Atherton
A 1957 five-bedroom home in Atherton was sold in August for $21 million, according to stats from this week's home sales column. Tuesday, 1:22 PM

Sales at a glance: Palo Alto, Mountain View have about a dozen sales
Palo Alto real estate leads the pack with 13 homes sold for between $950,000 and $$7,380,000, according to this week's column. Tuesday, 1:22 PM

Home Front
This week's column features information on Dwell Magazine's Silicon Valley Home Tour and kids' classes at Hidden Villa farm in Los Altos Hills. Tuesday, 1:21 PM

Sales at a glance: Mountain View sees a dozen sales
Mountain View real estate leads the pack with 12 homes sold for between $630,000 and $2,650,000, according to this week's column. Friday, 10:03 AM

Home Sales: Atherton home sells for $15 million
A 2007 home in Atherton was sold in August for more than $15 million, according to stats from this week's home sales column. Friday, 10:02 AM

Neighborhood profile: Castro City
Castro City lies close to Rengstorff Park and the Mi Pueblo grocery store in Mountain View, but there is some sense of seclusion. Friday, 4:12 PM | 1 comments

Home Front
This week's column features information on luxury properties sold in Silicon Valley and a two-hour class on how to create fall bouquets using seasonal blooms and foliage. Friday, 10:52 AM

How does a garden grow?
I've attended weddings that took place in beautiful gardens, and the flowers were spectacular and still on their plants. These gardens are the example that we all can aspire to: A garden that has healthy plants, a wide variety, where there is a show of beautiful flowers and foliage all year round. This kind of garden creates an oasis for our lives that we can retreat to for rejuvenation. Friday, 10:49 AM

Neighborhood profile: Springer Meadows
On a typical Wednesday night in the Springer Meadows neighborhood, children may be playing basketball with their neighbors in the backyard. Weekend afternoons can be peaceful with residents trimming shrubs and people chatting in their driveways. Monday, 12:32 PM

Home Front
This week's column has information on home remodel class, a guided walk in Filoli's gardens, how to cook with citrus and more. Sunday, 9:57 PM

Rent Watch: Room for rent
My parents recently retired and live on a fixed income. They want to keep living in their home of 30 years. One idea they have is to rent out a room in their home to defray some of their living costs. They indicated they don't want to get "too formal" about the arrangement. Do you have any suggestions? Saturday, 3:42 PM

Neighborhood profile: Rex Manor-Mountain Shadows
Mountain View's Rex Manor-Mountain Shadows community is a potpourri of diversity in northern Santa Clara County. Bounded by Central Expressway, Shoreline Boulevard, Middlefield Road, Farley Street, Burgoyne Street, and San Ramon and Montecito avenues, its proximity to shopping, entertainment and Google make it an attractive community to singles and families looking for a suburban lifestyle with an urban feel.
Friday, 12:22 PM | 1 comments

Neighborhood profile: Stierlin Estates
It's not uncommon to see people tending to their gardens or children playing in their front yard in the Stierlin Estates neighborhood; that's a typical weekend afternoon.
Friday, 12:19 PM