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Real Estate Headlines

No cookie-cutter homes here
"A 3-story tower and roof deck emerges among vibrant evergreens, providing a unique vantage point of the surrounding townscape." Wednesday, 10:11 AM

Artwork to 'chair'-ish
Discovery of 60 wooden folding chairs dating back to the 1930s hidden in ancient rolling drawers underneath a stage has inspired The Woman's Club of Palo Alto to give new meaning to recycling and repurposing. Wednesday, 12:40 PM

Who you gonna call?
The perfect utopian home would be something like this: light bulbs that never went out, living room paint that remained forever crisp and vibrant, drains that never backed up and doors that never got stuck. Wednesday, 9:36 AM

Real Estate Matters
If last year was any indication, 2014 should be another exceptional year for home sellers across the Bay Area. Thursday, 12:58 PM

Garden Tips
What is a garden anyway? Why do gardens make so much difference in our lives and why do we fall in love, raise our children and grow old together in them so much better than if we live our whole lives indoors? Wednesday, 3:58 PM

A winemaker's dream
A doorbell decorated with grapes announces visitors to the home of David Bulfer and Kelly Pope. That's fitting, since they recently built a wine workshop and are educating themselves about winemaking. Monday, 2:58 PM

Custom-made to last a lifetime
From the front, not much is different about Aleta Hanna's small mission bungalow at the edge of Crescent Park (what was once called University Park). Monday, 2:58 PM

Higher, lighter and brighter
Like many couples with three young kids, Roland Dreier and Bina Bhattacharyya expected space in their house to become an issue. Friday, 3:04 PM

Remodeling: In da Houzz
What happens when you combine the words house and buzz? The answer is the online community "Houzz," a website and mobile app for home remodeling and design. Friday, 10:55 AM

Real Estate Matters
As winter approaches, we typically expect Bay Area and Peninsula home prices to start cooling along with the weather, as buyers replace their house-hunting expeditions with holiday-shopping trips. Thursday, 10:09 AM

A faster pay-off on short-term mortgages
The moment you sign the mortgage deed on your new home, the clock starts ticking. You start tightening your belt, keeping track of monthly payments and pushing all your extra pennies towards getting the mortgage "monkey" off your roof, so to speak. Wednesday, 10:05 AM

Making the condo jump
The way Peter Giovannotto sees it, choosing a condominium over a single-family home isn't a matter of square footage -- or even so much cost -- as it is a question of lifestyle. Wednesday, 10:04 AM

Holiday inspirations
Burlap, moss, driftwood: Expect the unexpected at this year's Christmas At Our House home tour, the 25th annual fundraiser put on by the Women's Club of Saint Francis High School in Mountain View. Tuesday, 3:41 PM

Beautiful balconies
A balcony is a small space, just a concrete rectangle. But it also can be a blank canvas and, with some resourcefulness, can host a diverse and thriving garden. Thursday, 10:54 AM

What is that smell?
Recently, Kris Newby and her family unknowingly hosted uninvited visitors in their Palo Alto home: a family of skunks. Thursday, 11:23 AM

Creating curb appeal, beginning at the curb
Home staging usually involves a designer coming in and making changes to spruce up a property. The process can involve decluttering, replacing outdated fixtures, repainting, adding plants, rearranging furniture and renting eye-catching pieces for the home. Tuesday, 6:09 PM

Real Estate Matters
There are major socioeconomic forces at work in keeping the inventory of property in the Bay Area at historic lows and in many cases prices at historic highs. Understanding these forces will make you a more informed buyer or seller. Tuesday, 6:10 PM

Resort living -- at home
Dinner and drinks in the Katwans' backyard looks and feels more like a vacation than a backyard barbecue. Thursday, 12:12 PM

En route to zero-net energy
The year 2020 is creeping up fast: That's the year that all new construction in the state of California must use zero-net energy, meaning a house must create as much energy as it consumes. Friday, 3:54 PM

'Timeless design' and a livable space
Sitting around their yellow dining-room table, surrounded by red, earthy walls and brightly painted sculptures from Mexico, filmmakers Pam Walton and Ruth Carranza look through the doorway at what they call their 1950s-style kitchen, which features a checkered floor, painted cabinets and a washer and dryer tucked into the corner. Friday, 5:30 PM

Remodel or move?
A dozen years have passed since Susan and Hugh Daniels found their perfect neighborhood in Mountain View. At the end of a cul-de-sac, their Cuesta Park house seemed a good spot to raise their baby. Friday, 5:41 PM

Big blowout on small budget

Mountain View Spring Real Estate 2011

From Spanish Eclectic to Early Modern