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Real Estate Headlines

In living color
There is nothing drab about Judith Content's world. Thursday, 11:07 AM

Modern -- all the way
Eichler purists should be delighted to visit a largely untouched, original Bob Anshen and Steve Allen-designed home in Palo Alto, which is featured on this year's Silicon Valley Modern Home Tour on May 16. Wednesday, 12:17 PM

Spring 2015 Home & Garden Design
This edition of Home & Garden Design features an updating of a 1960 Atherton home; a revamp of an Eichler incorporating a previously roofed-in atrium; a Tudor with trade-offs; and a small home that stays true to its roots. Monday, 10:13 AM

Tips for saving water
Wondering how much water the average household function consumes? Read on to find out and also for tips on saving water. Friday, 10:18 AM

Inspiration galore on Gamble Garden tour
There are few places quite like the woodlands garden that's one of five private gardens featured in this year's Gamble Garden Spring Tour on April 24 and 25. Wednesday, 12:09 PM

Spring 2015 Home & Garden Design
This edition of Home & Garden Design features an updating of a 1960 Atherton home; a revamp of an Eichler incorporating a previously roofed-in atrium; a Tudor with trade-offs; and a small home that stays true to its roots. Monday, 10:01 AM

Reclaiming California's natural aesthetic
California's native plants are giving the classic lawn a run for its money. Thursday, 10:29 AM

Real Estate Matters
Although the practice is completely legal and widely accepted in California, it seems impossible for one real estate agent to zealously represent both the buyer and the seller in the same transaction, even when the situation is properly disclosed. Wednesday, 10:30 AM

Instant help for garden design
People come to garden shows looking for inspiration, ideas and sometimes solutions to a nagging problem. Wednesday, 1:13 PM

Real Estate Matters: Mountain View's year in review
Two of the clearest trends in the Mountain View homes market during 2014 were the speed at which homes sold and the consistent increase in initial asking prices. We'll look at these two statistics and some others to learn how the market fared during the last calendar year. Thursday, 11:48 AM

Rent Watch: Charging each tenant for utilities
Because the utility costs are so high, I am thinking of increasing the rent on my apartments by $80 per person. My wife, however, is concerned that we might get in trouble under the Fair Housing laws for doing this. Are we allowed to institute such a policy? Thursday, 11:38 AM

Exotic proteas come to local markets
Reading under a gas lamp on a Santa Barbara winery, Mike Astone had no idea that one book from the shelf would soon redirect the course of his life. Thursday, 11:38 AM

Beauty lures the beasts
As a boy growing up in Phoenix, like many 10-year-olds, Drew Martinez was fascinated by carnivorous plants. Today, his backyard is filled with greenhouses containing nearly 20,000 of them. Thursday, 9:59 AM

Mountain View home prices hit two-year high in 2014
Mountain View ended 2014 with a median for-sale price on single-family homes that pushed into the $1.5 million bracket for the first time in more than two years. The median price for homes in December was $1,516,500. Monday, 11:41 AM

Keeping the home fires burning
Bay Area temperatures dipped below freezing on New Year's Day and remained frigid during the first week of the year, which allowed fireplaces to take up their original mantle of turning refrigerated homes into warm sanctuaries. Wednesday, 5:22 PM

Rain, rain, don't go away
Acterra Senior Ecologist Claire Elliot takes advantage of torrential storms by catching rainwater in barrels. She says it's a great way to keep her yard green while conserving water. Thursday, 1:00 PM

Pet doors: the ins and outs
At her owner's request for a demonstration, the energetic pup bounded through the little built-in rectangle escape. She circled the backyard and reappeared at the side door where she barked to get back inside Thursday, 10:56 AM | 1 comments

Holiday centerpieces, naturally
The trick to creating interesting holiday flower arrangements is to walk around your garden and see what you've got, UC Master Gardener Roberta Barnes advised during a recent stroll through the Palo Alto Demonstration Garden, adjacent to Eleanor Pardee Park. Thursday, 10:37 AM

Mountain View home listings continue their downward trend
It's unlikely that you'll wake up 12 years from now and discover that there are no homes for sale in Mountain View -- that's assuming the current three-year trend in new listings numbers doesn't continue. Tuesday, 10:58 AM | 6 comments

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