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Real Estate Headlines

Growing food is great until evidence of rodents appears
Palo Alto resident Dexter Girton is an avid gardener who began noticing something was eating his crops. When he was convinced it was rats, his engineering background kicked into gear and a night-vision camera he rigged confirmed his suspicions. Monday, 1:05 PM

Neighborhood profile: Eastern Varsity Park
You can't help but be impressed with the caliber of street names in and around Eastern Varsity Park. Tulane wraps around Cornell and Duke, while Fordham Way parallels Lee. The streets embrace the tiny actual Varsity Park, a perfect neighborhood space with a well-maintained basketball court, several modern play structures and swings. Monday, 2:42 PM

Sales at a glance: Top sale is $11 million
Palo Alto real estate recently sold for between $727,000 and $4.1 million, according to this week's column. Friday, 5:58 PM

Recent home sales: Atherton tops area with $11 million home sale
This week, Atherton tops area with a $11 million home sale. Learn about this home sales and others in this week's list of recent home sales. Friday, 5:57 PM

Home Front
This week's column features information on smoke and fire alarms and Filoli's urn-of-the-century holiday party, as well as a call for locals who are remodeling their homes. Friday, 1:49 PM

Rent Watch: Live-in caregivers jeopardizing tenancy
My landlord recently gave me a 60-day notice to terminate my tenancy. When I asked why, my landlord said he received numerous complaints from other tenants about my caregiver smoking on the property. What can I do to avoid getting evicted from my home? Friday, 10:00 AM

Sales at a glance
This week, Palo Alto has the most homes sales compared to local cities. Sunday, 1:45 PM

Home Sales
The lowest sales price in East Palo Alto is higher than Mountain View and Menlo Park in the most recent home sales report. Sunday, 1:44 PM

Treasure hunting
I'm sure you've seen them cruising your neighborhood on a Saturday morning. They drive old station wagons or pickups, jammed with furniture and a sign "I Brake for Yard Sales" slapped on their bumpers. It's the garage sale addicts. Tuesday, 1:24 PM

Home sales: $21 million sale closes in Atherton
A 1957 five-bedroom home in Atherton was sold in August for $21 million, according to stats from this week's home sales column. Tuesday, 1:22 PM

Sales at a glance: Palo Alto, Mountain View have about a dozen sales
Palo Alto real estate leads the pack with 13 homes sold for between $950,000 and $$7,380,000, according to this week's column. Tuesday, 1:22 PM

Home Front

Sales at a glance: Mountain View sees a dozen sales

Home Sales: Atherton home sells for $15 million

Neighborhood profile: Castro City

Home Front