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831 California Ave W, Sunnyvale
Listing by Mary Chen, Bay Metro Realty
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984 Belmont Te #6, Sunnyvale
Listing by Jose Duarte, Intero Real Estate Services
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1224 Manzano Wy, Sunnyvale
Listing by Francisco Gonzalez, Realty World Golden Hills
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391 E Duane Av, Sunnyvale
Listing by Christine LeQuang, Keller Williams San Jose Gateway
house image
633 Pine Av, Sunnyvale
Listing by Diana Williams, Intero Real Estate Services

181 Ada Ave., Mountain View
Listing by Patricia Bledsoe, One Source Realty
Detached Single Family
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455 Grant Ave 15, Palo Alto
Listing by Mark P. Easterday, Keller Williams Realty-Silicon Valley
Home Image Not Available
128 Fair Oaks Av, Mountain View
Listing by Mandana Simai, Sereno Group
Detached Single Family
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128 Fair Oaks Ave, Mountain View
Listing by Mandana Simai, Sereno Group
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612 Palo Alto Av, Palo Alto
Listing by DeLeon Team, Deleon Realty
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940 Rosette Ct, Sunnyvale
Listing by Mike Sibilia, Keller Williams Realty-Silicon Valley
house image
724 Carlisle Way, Sunnyvale
Listing by Anita Hunter, Alain Pinel Realtors
house image
159 Cuesta Dr, Los Altos
Listing by Eric Fischer-Colbrie, Intero Real Estate Services
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1201 Lime Dr, Sunnyvale
Listing by Darren Wilford, KW Bay Area Estates
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127 Easy St, Mountain View
Listing by Charles Baldwin, Charles R. Baldwin, Broker
house image
131 Easy St, Mountain View
Listing by Charles Baldwin, Charles R. Baldwin, Broker
Home Image Not Available
1614 Parkhills Av, Los Altos
Listing by , Alain Pinel
Detached Single Family
house image
144 Monroe Dr, Palo Alto
Listing by Christina O'Brien, RE/MAX Gold
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1215 Larnel Pl, Los Altos
Listing by Angie Wolff, Intero Real Estate Services
house image
1380 Miramonte Ave, Los Altos
Listing by Rob Mibach, Intero Real Estate Services
house image
2065 Alma St, Palo Alto
Listing by Jack Liu, Star Realty
house image
258 Middlefield Rd, Palo Alto
Listing by Debbie Wilhelm, Coldwell Banker
house image
221 College Av, Palo Alto
Listing by Dominic Nicoli, Intero Real Estate Services
Home Image Not Available
240 Marich Wy, Los Altos
Listing by Lynn Wilson Roberts, Alain Pinel Realtors
Detached Single Family
house image
620 Sonia Wy, Mountain View
Listing by Jeff Chu, Goodview Financial & Real Estate
house image
2452 N Foothill Bl, Los Altos
Listing by Jan & Kim Adams, Better Homes and Gardens Real EstateVentura Barnet
house image
290 Davenport Wy, Palo Alto
Listing by Jeannine N. Sheehan, Intero Real Estate Services
house image
462 Deodara Dr, Los Altos
Listing by Albert Tam, Home Coming Realty
house image
1665 Fairway Dr, Los Altos
Listing by Maya Sewald, Pacific Union International
Home Image Not Available
26060 Kriste Ln, Los Altos
Listing by , Pacific Coast Realtors
Detached Single Family
house image
12179 Hilltop Dr, Los Altos Hills
Listing by Edward Graziani, Sereno Group
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Open Saturday and Sunday 1-4 pm
373 George Hood Ln, Palo Alto
Listing by Nadr Essabhoy, Alain Pinel Realtors
house image
27718 Via Ventana Way, Los Altos Hills
Listing by Charmaine Wang, Intero Real Estate Services
house image
2449 Waverley St, Palo Alto
Listing by Blake Hajek, Keller Williams Palo Alto
house image
26800 Almaden Ct, Los Altos Hills
Listing by Hanna Shacham, Coldwell Banker-Menlo Park-El Camino
house image
5721 Arboretum Dr, Los Altos
Listing by Gail Sanders, Intero Real Estate Services
Home Image Not Available
2620 Marshall Dr, Palo Alto
Listing by , Coldwell Banker
Detached Single Family
house image
3318 Waverley St, Palo Alto
Listing by Julie Tsai Law, Dreyfus Sotheby's International Realty
house image
848 Nash Rd, Los Altos
Listing by Brian Chancellor, Sereno Group
house image
26707 Tanglewood Ln, Los Altos Hills
Listing by Theresa Brennan, Campi Properties
house image
11640 Jessica Ln, Los Altos Hills
Listing by Mona Sander, Alain Pinel Realtors
house image
24052 Oak Knoll Cir, Los Altos Hills
Listing by David Welton, Alain Pinel Realtors
house image
1510 Topar Av, Los Altos
Listing by Gary Campi, Campi Properties
house image
26173 Rancho Manuella Ln, Los Altos Hills
Listing by Carolyn Mansell, Mansell & Company, Inc.
house image
1266 Hamilton Av, Palo Alto
Listing by Denis Morrissey, Coldwell Banker-PA Downtown
house image
72 View St, Los Altos
Listing by Kathy Bridgman, Alain Pinel Realtors
house image
La Cresta Ct, Los Altos Hills
Listing by Richard Williamson, Today Sothebys International Realty
house image
12190 Padre Ct, Los Altos Hills
Listing by Ron Delan, Coldwell Banker Los Altos
house image
1870 University Av, Palo Alto
Listing by Nancy MacLeod, Homes 2 Buy.Com
house image
12775 Viscaino Rd, Los Altos Hills
Listing by Monica Corman, Alain Pinel Realtors
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Real Estate Headlines

Pet doors: the ins and outs
At her owner's request for a demonstration, the energetic pup bounded through the little built-in rectangle escape. She circled the backyard and reappeared at the side door where she barked to get back inside Thursday, 10:56 AM

Holiday centerpieces, naturally
The trick to creating interesting holiday flower arrangements is to walk around your garden and see what you've got, UC Master Gardener Roberta Barnes advised during a recent stroll through the Palo Alto Demonstration Garden, adjacent to Eleanor Pardee Park. Thursday, 10:37 AM

Mountain View home listings continue their downward trend
It's unlikely that you'll wake up 12 years from now and discover that there are no homes for sale in Mountain View -- that's assuming the current three-year trend in new listings numbers doesn't continue. Tuesday, 10:58 AM | 6 comments

Positively Green
On a daily basis, I am still awestruck with the beauty and bounty of the world we live in with its deliciously moderate weather year-round, and gorgeous hills beautifully covered with lovely native landscaping and trees for as far as the eye can see. Wednesday, 10:01 AM

A bright light on a cool garden
How could Gamble Garden enhance its fundraising efforts while showcasing its value as a community asset? Wednesday, 10:48 AM

A deeper look at Old Mountain View
Seven homes, dating from 1895 to just last year, highlight the upcoming Mountain View Education Foundation house tour through Old Mountain View this weekend. Thursday, 11:24 AM

Local groups help hoarders conquer the clutter
"Everybody knows somebody who hoards. We just don't talk about it," said Emily Farber, a social worker case manager with Palo Alto nonprofit Avenidas. Read the stories of people who have faced this issue head on. Wednesday, 1:22 PM

Keeping water off the street
In the midst of California's driest year on record -- and $500 fines for sprinkler runoff as of Aug. 1 -- residents with out-of-date or problematic irrigation systems are due for an upgrade. Thursday, 12:25 PM

New life in Old Mountain View
Old Mountain View is not quite living up to its name. Old trees line the sidewalks and populate the various parks, but beneath their soft, aged shade new, young families are out and about enjoying, once again, the perpetual blue skies. Wednesday, 2:51 PM | 7 comments

A Fresh Look
Got baskets? Most of us have a closet full of baskets we don't know what to do with. Don't let them gather dust -- put them to use in new ways! Here are a few ideas for using them throughout your home: Thursday, 10:38 AM

V is for 'Victory'
The dedication of Palo Alto's Museum of American Heritage to the history of technological innovation from 1750 to 1950 is reflected today both inside and out, with a newly thriving replica of a "Victory Garden." Thursday, 11:11 AM

Local Realtors outselling most in country
Three local Realtor teams and 14 individuals were among the top 250 salespeople in the country in 2013, in rankings announced by Real Trends in ads that appeared in the Wall Street Journal on June 27. Thursday, 2:41 PM

How big is that house, really?
A home's square footage is a number easily misrepresented, especially when determining ever-ambiguous "liveable space." Measurements can be taken in numerous ways, and what to include in those measurements -- garages, basements or porches -- is often unclear. Thursday, 10:48 AM | 1 comments

Emergency preparedness: Are you ready?
Most emergencies are completely unpredictable. Local authorities are required by law to prepare an emergency plan so that resources and experienced people are on standby to respond quickly and in the best possible way when a major crisis -- of whatever kind -- occurs. Tuesday, 8:42 PM

Reaping the benefits of gardening
Growing up as an "army brat," Pam Scott recalled moving around the country in her youth. While her state of residence continuously changed, one thing remained constant. Thursday, 10:19 AM | 1 comments

Real estate: a way to diversify
The stock market is volatile, interest rates are negligible and the economic future is uncertain. So, what is a good investment today? Wednesday, 12:01 PM

A market sampler
Here's a comparison of what was offered in mid-March at similar prices but in different cities. Wednesday, 2:45 PM | 1 comments

No cookie-cutter homes here
"A 3-story tower and roof deck emerges among vibrant evergreens, providing a unique vantage point of the surrounding townscape." Wednesday, 10:11 AM

Artwork to 'chair'-ish
Discovery of 60 wooden folding chairs dating back to the 1930s hidden in ancient rolling drawers underneath a stage has inspired The Woman's Club of Palo Alto to give new meaning to recycling and repurposing. Wednesday, 12:40 PM

Who you gonna call?
The perfect utopian home would be something like this: light bulbs that never went out, living room paint that remained forever crisp and vibrant, drains that never backed up and doors that never got stuck. Wednesday, 9:36 AM

Real Estate Matters
If last year was any indication, 2014 should be another exceptional year for home sellers across the Bay Area. Thursday, 12:58 PM

Garden Tips
What is a garden anyway? Why do gardens make so much difference in our lives and why do we fall in love, raise our children and grow old together in them so much better than if we live our whole lives indoors? Wednesday, 3:58 PM

A winemaker's dream
A doorbell decorated with grapes announces visitors to the home of David Bulfer and Kelly Pope. That's fitting, since they recently built a wine workshop and are educating themselves about winemaking. Monday, 2:58 PM

Custom-made to last a lifetime

Higher, lighter and brighter

Remodeling: In da Houzz

Real Estate Matters