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Real Estate Headlines

Recent home sales
Two homes, one in Atherton and another in Woodside, sold in the $14-million range. Friday, 1:25 PM

Sales at a Glance
One home in Atherton sold for almost $15 million, according to this week's column. Friday, 1:25 PM

Digging in
In an age when faster is better and attention spans are shortening, when people are hustling and smartphones demand quicker responses, the slow process of gardening can seem countercultural. To some, it may even seem unnecessary and inefficient. Friday, 1:24 PM

Fresh, delicious and decorative
Driving by Sunny Chen's Leland Manor home, most people don't realize that the front yard is planted with vegetables and fruits. A closer look reveals a row of tall sunflowers intermixed with natives and drought-tolerant plants -- and a few cantaloupes and eggplants. Friday, 10:18 AM

Home Front
This week's column includes information on Palo Alto's annual Festival of the Arts, free gardening workshops at the Palo Alto Library and how to grow carrots. Friday, 10:16 AM

Sales at a glance
Atherton home tops $11 million Monday, 2:34 PM

Local Realtors take top spots in annual sales ranking
Two teams of local real-estate agents and 18 individual local sales people were among the top-selling 250 teams and 250 agents nationwide this past year, according to Real Trends, a private communications company that annually publishes "The Thousand" list. Wednesday, 10:22 AM

Sales at a glance: Homes sell for $600,000 to $8.5 million
Palo Alto area real estate recently sold for between $600,000 and $8.5 million, according to this week's column. Monday, 10:06 AM

Recent home sales: $8.5 million but just one bedroom
A house in Palo Alto that sold for $8.5 million has just one bedroom, according to the stats in this week's home-sales column. Monday, 10:05 AM

Home Front
This weekend, have tea at the gardens of the Filoli estate in Woodside, take a young tree health survey for Canopy, get answers for your plant problems at Elizabeth F. Gamble Garden and more. Friday, 11:32 AM

Painting the door red (or turquoise or purple)
Interior designer Kit Davey has advised hundreds of clients on paint colors for their homes and front doors. Some people are bold and take risks with a bright orange or a shade of green that reminds them of a forest. Others stick with a beige house, with a dark beige door. Friday, 11:44 AM

The flight of the butterfly
Eleanor Laney remembers a time when it was easy to spot a butterfly fluttering by or perched on a flower. But for her and many other avid gardeners, these sightings have become increasingly rare. Friday, 3:55 PM | 1 comments

Neighborhood profile: Rex Manor-Mountain Shadows
Mountain View's Rex Manor-Mountain Shadows community is a potpourri of diversity in northern Santa Clara County. Bounded by Central Expressway, Shoreline Boulevard, Middlefield Road, Farley Street, Burgoyne Street, and San Ramon and Montecito avenues, its proximity to shopping, entertainment and Google make it an attractive community to singles and families looking for a suburban lifestyle with an urban feel.
Friday, 12:22 PM | 1 comments

Neighborhood profile: Stierlin Estates
It's not uncommon to see people tending to their gardens or children playing in their front yard in the Stierlin Estates neighborhood; that's a typical weekend afternoon.
Friday, 12:19 PM

Indigo endgame: growing blueberries successfully
Blueberries top the U.S. Department of Agriculture's list of fruits high in antioxidants, and grow rampantly on the East Coast, but many Western gardeners struggle to grow even a handful. Friday, 11:41 AM

Home Front

Home Front

Real Estate Matters: Local homebuyers headed downtown

Sleek, clean lines for today's living

The benefits of bugs in the garden