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Real Estate Headlines

Taking a front yard beyond good lookin'
A lush green front lawn lined with tidy floral beds just didn't seem right to Marsha and Art Grantz in this fourth drought year. So they called in Marsha's daughter, a landscape designer, to create a new space that would thrive in Palo Alto's climate. Friday, 12:03 PM

Real Estate Matters: An objective look at the market
Recent television shows and online documentaries paint quite a sensational portrait of Bay Area real estate, with over-the-top personalities, $2 million teardowns, frenzied bidding wars and prices that seemingly have no ceiling. Friday, 11:07 AM

Home Front: Workday hike, Thanksgiving dinner and more
This week includes a rose hip presentation on Nov. 20, a Foothills Park hike and workday on Nov. 22, an animal lesson on Nov. 22, a vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner on Nov. 23 and a tree pruning course on Dec. 5. Friday, 9:59 AM

Recent home sales: $1.9 million to $3.7 million in Palo Alto
This week, the 10 sales in Palo Alto ranged from $1.9 million to $3.7 million. Learn about this home sales and others in this week's list of recent home sales. Friday, 9:58 AM

Sales at a glance: 10 sales in Palo Alto
This week, Palo Alto reported 10 sales, ranging in price from $1.2 million to $4.7 million. Friday, 4:19 PM

Recent home sales: Piece of summer in Woodside
This week, one sale in Woodside reminds readers that it's not summer anymore, but at least the new owners of the home on Summerhill Lane can have a little piece of summer all year. Friday, 3:03 PM

Positively Green: The importance of good ventilation
Columnist Ciro Giammona explains the term "building science," an approach to building or remodeling a home that takes the laws of physics into consideration, and how it improves people's lives. Friday, 10:11 AM

Home Front: Sandbags, rose care and more
This week includes a water saving course at Common Ground Garden on Nov. 14, sandbag pickup through the City of Palo Alto on Nov. 15, Kid Powered! through Environmental Volunteers on Nov. 15, a rhododendron hunting trip presentation with the De Anza Chapter of the American Rhododendron Society on Nov. 18, and a rose care lesson from a Master Gardener on Nov. 19. Friday, 10:07 AM

Sales at a glance: Highs in the $4 millions
This week, four of the 10 cities this week had highest sales in the $4 millions. These include Atherton, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills and Mountain View. Friday, 3:44 PM

Recent home sales: Jackson Drive sale is highest in Palo Alto
This week, Palo Alto's highest sale took place on Jackson Drive for $3,820,000. Learn about this home sale and others in this week's list of recent home sales. Friday, 3:44 PM

A Fresh Look: Creating more space in a small home
How do you create a spacious look if you live in a small apartment or cottage? Any space can feel roomier if you try these ideas. Friday, 3:43 PM

Home Front: Plant diagnosing, ceramics sale and more
This week includes a document shredding event on Nov. 7, a rain lesson for kids on Nov. 8, a plant diagnosis opportunity on Nov. 13, a Jumbo Sale with FabMo on Nov. 14 and a ceramics sale on Nov. 14-15. Thursday, 10:30 AM

Recent home sales: Stanford joins the list
This week, Stanford joins the list of sales locations with the $3.2 million sale of 907 Lathrop Place. Friday, 1:32 PM

Sales at a glance: Mountain View back on top
After zero sales a few weeks back, Mountain View surges to the top of the number of sales list with 19 this week. Friday, 11:07 AM

The look of luxury
It probably won't surprise anyone to know that home prices on the Midpeninsula are high and getting higher. And sales of "ultra-luxury" properties (costing $3 million and up) jumped this summer compared to last. Monday, 1:51 PM

Garden Tips: How can gardening reinvent itself?
Jack McKinnon suggests ways to think outside the box when it comes to gardening — ways that will not only save water but will change our culture. Friday, 11:51 AM

Sales at a glance: $18.5M sale in Los Altos Hills
The highest sale of the week comes from Los Altos Hills with a $18.5 million sale. Read the rest of the real estate numbers to see how other Mountain View-area locations compared. Friday, 11:49 AM

Recent home sales: 32 percent of sales surpass $3 million
This week, 11 of the 34 sales surpassed $3 million, which is the threshold of the ultra-luxury market. Friday, 11:49 AM

Real Estate Matters: Strategies for the seller, buyer
What do home sellers want? Obviously, the highest price and the best terms. What do buyers want? The lowest market price possible on the most favorable terms. Both buyers and sellers must understand pricing strategies in the present market in order to reach their goal. Tuesday, 10:29 AM

Multigenerational living
Betsy Hobson is thrilled to share a new routine with her next-door neighbor, her 2 1/2-year-old granddaughter. That's just one of the many perks Hobson enjoys after moving out of the house she raised her kids in so that her daughter could afford to come back to Woodside with her own family. Thursday, 1:58 PM

International increase
Following a recent federal extension on business and tourism visas for Chinese citizens from one to 10 years, Palo Alto could see an even larger boost in Chinese home buyers. Thursday, 1:57 PM

Rent Watch: Landlord seeks bidding war for rental
Just like home sales, I want to make space for a bidding war on my rental property, so I can get as much as possible in rental income. Should I be worried about any fair housing liability here? Thursday, 10:18 AM | 1 comments

Creating a win-win situation
Kim and Bob Stetson team with contractor Stuart Morgan to save the couple's Old Palo Alto home from a wrecking ball. Thursday, 10:16 AM

Millennial matters

Sales at a glance: Low number of sales around the area

Recent home sales: Two $11 million sales in Atherton

Real Estate Matters: MV home prices up 28 percent since January

Rent Watch: Landlord's bedbug waiver bites; disabled tenant needs co-signer

A Fresh Look: Spruce up your backyard for a fall barbecue