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Real Estate Headlines

Real Estate Matters
Just after sunset in mid-January, my colleague and I were seated at a square, maple-colored table located near the entrance of the Starbucks on California Avenue, waiting to meet with a potential client. Friday, 10:47 AM

Saving water and blooming all year round
Water-wise gardens, popular during the drought, do not have to be a colorless compromise, according to Roberta Barnes, who teaches science-based gardening in Palo Alto. Planned right, they can be a great source of year-round blooms. Friday, 10:34 AM

Home Front
This week's Home Front column features a Spring Plant Clinic, a hands-on fruit tree workshop and volunteers fixing bicycles, clothing and computers during the next Repair Café. Friday, 10:31 AM

Recent home sales: Portola Valley to Mountain View
The big sale in Mountain View on this week's list was a 29,600 square foot lot with a home in the Martens-Carmelita neighborhood, which went for $3,600,000. Saturday, 9:17 AM

Home Front: Cooking classes, tree advice and more
This week includes January cooking classes, a service day with Canopy and the NFL, a program about Japanese maple tree care and a global orchid show and sale. Friday, 10:31 AM

Sales at a glance: Two weeks
This week, the Sales at a glance includes the past two weeks of sales data because of lack of space in our New Year's Day edition. In this grouping, Atherton tops the list, even if we only consider its lowest sale price: $8.8 million. Friday, 10:29 AM

Recent home sales: From Alma Street to Wilkie Way
Palo Alto's 16 sales from the past two weeks stretch, alphabetically, from Alma Street to Wilkie Way. Learn about these sales and others in this week's list of recent home sales. Friday, 10:28 AM

A Fresh Look: Creating a beautiful bookcase
Why not transform your bookshelf from an overstuffed eyesore into an integral part of your decor? Thursday, 10:18 AM

Home Front: Beekeeping, sandbags and more
This week includes a Monday night vegetarian dinner, a guided tree walk through the Barron Park neighborhood, a beekeeping course and sandbag installation assistance. Thursday, 10:17 AM

Sales at a glance: Five of the 34 sales in Mountain View
This week, Mountain View saw five homes sales. Read the rest of the real estate numbers to see how other Palo Alto-area locations compared. Wednesday, 12:31 PM

Recent home sales: Same street sales in Mountain View
Two sales took place on North Whisman Road this week. Learn about these home sales and others in this week's list of recent home sales. Wednesday, 12:30 PM

How to throw a holiday soiree
A local business owner and frequent party hostess shares her tips and tricks for throwing a holiday party, one of which is "keeping it simple." Friday, 10:31 AM

Real Estate Matters: Fence disputes and good neighbor fences
We have all heard the expression, "Good fences make good neighbors." Nevertheless, there are countless bitter disputes between neighbors over the location, construction and maintenance of fences. Under the Fence Act, the California Legislature laid out specific rules regarding notice, construction and maintenance of fences constructed on property lines. Friday, 10:46 AM | 1 comments

Home Front: Farmers market, sewing lesson and more
This week includes a holiday art market, the California Avenue Farmers' Market, a sewing clinic, a rose trimming lesson and an eight-week winter gardening course. Wednesday, 12:29 PM

Sales at a glance: $11 million sale tops the list
This week, a Woodside home tops the sales list with a sale for $11 million. Read the rest of the real estate numbers to see how other Palo Alto-area locations compared. Friday, 10:31 AM

Recent home sales: A $564,000 difference
What a difference 45 years makes. This is especially true for a home sale in East Palo Alto. The property was last purchased in 1970 for $6,000; in November, it sold for $570,000. That's a $564,000 difference. Friday, 10:30 AM

Home Front: Holiday gift market, tree care and more
This week includes a chance to purchase Gamble Garden's new cookbook, a holiday art market, a tree care volunteer opportunity, the availability of sewing machines and an adventure on the farm. Friday, 10:31 AM

Building sandcastles
Although snowy white winters are not typical in the Bay Area, local families have taken advantage of the Peninsula's sunny holiday season by heading outdoors to create their own winter traditions — spanning from train rides in the redwoods of the Santa Cruz mountains to exploring the beaches of Half Moon Bay. Thursday, 9:53 AM

Kids driving you crazy?
Sure, in the olden days, just getting to grandpa's house was an adventure. These days, whether traveling long distances by car or by plane, it can be less of an adventure and more of a royal pain — unless you're prepared. Thursday, 9:54 AM

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