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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Treasure hunting

I'm sure you've seen them cruising your neighborhood on a Saturday morning. They drive old station wagons or pickups, jammed with furniture and a sign "I Brake for Yard Sales" slapped on their bumpers. It's the garage sale addicts.

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Home sales: $21 million sale closes in Atherton

A 1957 five-bedroom home in Atherton was sold in August for $21 million, according to stats from this week's home sales column.

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Sales at a glance: Palo Alto, Mountain View have about a dozen sales

Palo Alto real estate leads the pack with 13 homes sold for between $950,000 and $$7,380,000, according to this week's column.

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Home Front

This week's column features information on Dwell Magazine's Silicon Valley Home Tour and kids' classes at Hidden Villa farm in Los Altos Hills.

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