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Thursday, November 15, 2018

The chef's bucket list: 47 Peninsula dishes to eat before you die

We asked a wide range of local culinary insiders to tell us about the food that stood out most to them this year -- the dishes they haven't been able to stop thinking about.

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Classical guitarist comes to CSMA

Classical guitarist Nathan Martinez will perform a free concert of 20th-century French music at the Community School of Music and Art on Saturday, Nov. 17.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Rock like an Egyptian

"This is the story of a love that flourished in a time of hate," sings a character in the opening number of "Elton John and Tim Rice's Aida."

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A sharp comedy for dark times

Playwright James Kopp suggesting that Nazis might take control of the United States seems like an all-too-timely warning. Thankfully, the play is packed with laughs.

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Friday, November 9, 2018

'She Kills Monsters' at Foothill

Award-winning playwright Qui Nguyen's action-comedy "She Kills Monsters" follows Agnes, who finds herself in the "imaginary world of homicidal fairies, nasty ogres, evil cheerleaders, and warrior maidens that was her geeky sibling's role-playing refuge."

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Learn a new craft

We talked to three local bar and restaurant owners to get their take on the best fall-friendly drinks that novice mixologists can recreate at home.

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Hey, hey, PA Play(ers)

"All the Way," staged by the Palo Alto Players, takes a close look at Lyndon Johnson's first year in office, starting with the assassination of JFK and the Civil Rights Act.

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Finding Juana

The moment visitors step into the Los Altos History Museum, they're greeted by a wooden awning, painted white and covered in vines. The message is clear: They're entering the home of Juana Briones.

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