Mountain View Voice Best of 2014

What does it take to outshine the competition? Mountain View Voice readers know what it takes, and they’ve made it clear: these are the top restaurants, retailers and professionals in town. If you’re looking for Mountain View’s best of the best, from pizza to pet care, chiropractors to Chinese cuisine, boutiques to barcecue, they’re all here. We've carefully tallied the votes, and we’re pleased to present your winners, the places you chose for the best service, best retail, best food and best places to have fun.

How it works

Our annual Best Of Mountain View contest is all about letting readers express their opinions about the businesses they love in our area. Balloting is open for six weeks and is exclusively online. All ballots must contain votes for at least five businesses in five categories and be confirmed by clicking on a link in a confirming email we send after a ballot is submitted. If we don’t receive a confirmation, the ballot is not counted.

We encourage businesses to actively campaign with their loyal customers to get votes, and many do. But we prohibit multiple votes from the same person, email address or IP address. We have multiple ways of discovering cheating or ballot-stuffing, and each year we disqualify many ballots that we determine came from illegitimate email addresses.

This year more than 22,000 votes were cast, with about 70 percent confirmed and counted.

We allow a business in a neighboring city to win if it receive the most votes, which occasionally occurs. The most unusual example of this is Chef Chu’s, which is located in Los Altos but won as Best Chinese Restaurant among readers of both the Palo Alto Weekly and the Mountain View Voice. We populate the initial ballot with obvious businesses and those that did well in the voting the previous year, but any business located in the Midpeninsula (Redwood City to Mountain View) may ask to be listed.

Is one of your favorites missing from among the winners? Watch for our 2015 contest next April and make sure to vote.

You can also download a full list of 2014 Best Of Mountain View winners.


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