Mountain View Voice Best of 2017

The future may hold a city buzzing with delivery drones, but in 2017, Mountain View's eateries, attractions and businesses are still getting plenty of foot traffic. Our busy city holds an unbelievable array of options for everything from burritos to baklava, poke bowls to crispy papadum. Once your belly is full, Voice readers can tell you where to find the best shops, the hottest happy hours and personalized services for everything from nutrition coaches to car repair.

Every year, we ask our readers to vote for their favorite places and offer this annual guide to the very best that Mountain View has to offer. Whether you're new in town or just wondering if you're missing out on something, we offer you our list of 2017's top vote-getters.


Best of Mountain View contributors

Editor: Andrea Gemmet
Writer: Nathalie Camens