Food & Drink

Alexander's Patisserie, Best Bakery

House of Bagels

The natural, unprocessed ingredients used at House of Bagels has made its bagels the best in Mountain View since 2012. Its bakers prepare the bagels according to the old-fashioned New York method of boiling first and then baking them in a brick oven. House of Bagels' most popular offerings are plain, sesame, and asiago cheese.
1712 Miramonte Ave., Mountain View

Runner-up: Posh Bagel (Castro Street)

Alexander's Patisserie

Since its opening in October of 2014, Alexander's Patisserie has brought a variety of French pastries to Mountain View. The best-selling sweets are the macarons and chocolate bonbons, perfected by executive pastry chefs Quentin Collignon and Dries Delanghe. Many of the pastries and sweets stay on the menu year-round, but there are some seasonal specialties that are featured as well. Alexander's Patisserie also has a location in Cupertino.
209 Castro St., Mountain View

Runner-up: La Panotiq

Molly MaGees

Molly MaGees has countless unique drink options on its menu and features daily specials and beers of the month. This authentic Irish pub is open every day of the week and is a popular spot to watch soccer games with a crowd of fellow fans.
241 Castro St., Mountain View

Runner-up: Eureka!

Armadillo Willy, Best BBQ

Armadillo Willy's

With eight locations, Armadillo Willy's is a well-known chain with local origins. Its most popular dish is the brisket, while the restaurant also has vegan and vegetarian options such as the soy Boka Burger. This Texas-inspired barbecue restaurant is a hit among readers and has been in business for over 30 years.
1031 N San Antonio Rd., Los Altos
Runner-up: Clarke's Charcoal Broiler


Looking for something beyond the basic burger? Eureka! — you've found it. The burgers offer a unique take on an American staple. Some favorites include the bone marrow burger and the Fresno fig burger, which is topped with fig marmalade, bacon, goat cheese, spicy mustard, tomato and arugula. Eureka! currently has about 22 locations.
191 Castro St., Mountain View

Runner-up: Clarke's Charcoal Broiler

Roger's Deli & Donuts

Roger's Deli & Donuts offers a variety of options, including the cream of potato soup, a veggie sandwich, and the chicken deluxe sandwich. Plus, there's a full range of donuts, from classic cake and old fashioned to custard-filled bars and apple fritters.
295 E Middlefield Road, Mountain View

Runner-up: Dittmer's Gourmet Meats & Wurst-Haus

Eureka!, Best Burger

Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt
Gelato Classico

At Gelato Classico, customers can pick from a variety of delicious Italian-style ice cream flavors, and fruit sorbettos. It's easy to spot in hot weather, because there's usually a line out the door.
241 B Castro St., Mountain View

Runner-up: Baskin Robbins

Noodle Place
Maru Ichi

Maru Ichi serves an abundance of traditional Japanese noodles in rich broth, including soba and udon, but it's best known for its bowls of ramen. The prices are low and the service is quick, making this a great stop for noodle-lovers in a hurry.
368 Castro St., Mountain View
Runner-up: Ramen House Ryowa

Pearl Tea
Tea Era

Tea Era's signature pearl milk teas are once again a favorite among readers. The most popular flavor is the roasted barley tea. Tea Era offers four levels of sweetness. Owner Cindy Lee says that the pearl milk tea trend caught on in Mountain View about four or five years ago, and the chilly drink is still in hot demand.
271 Castro St., Mountain View

Runner-up: Verde Tea Cafe

Mountain View Farmers Market, Best Produce


Since 2001, Amici's has brought its unique New York-style thin-crust pizzas to Mountain View. Their most popular pizza is the Amici's combo, which has pepperoni, meatballs, bacon, sauteed mushrooms and black olives, a favorite among local meat-lovers.
790 Castro St., Mountain View

Runner-up: Blue Line Pizza

Mountain View Farmers Market

The Sunday morning Mountain View Farmers Market will have your mouth watering as you graze through all the food samples. With what seems like countless vendors, and live music to serenade you, it's no wonder readers say this is their top choice for buying produce.
600 W Evelyn Ave., Mountain View

Runner-up: The Milk Pail

Small (non-chain) Grocery Store
Ava's Downtown Market & Deli

Castro Street's favorite little grocery store, Ava's Downtown Market & Deli, has been in business for six years. Owner Juan Origel describes it as "a family-owned, neighborhood store," and says that most of what he and his wife sell comes from local vendors and farmers, where the offerings vary with the seasons.
340 Castro St., Mountain View

Runner-up: The Milk Pail

Poke Bar, Best Take Out

Take Out
Poke Bar

It's like sushi in a bowl, and an infinitely customizable bowl, at that. Inside Ava's Market, you'll find our voters' top spot for feeding Mountain View's fast-growing penchant for poke. Poke Bar offers the Hawaiian favorite in a wide selection of traditional poke bowls with modern twists.
340 Castro St., Mountain View

Runner-up: La Costena