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By Angela Hey

How walkable is your neighborhood? Try Walk Score

Uploaded: Apr 21, 2009

At tonight's WebMapSocial Meetup group, Josh Livni of Umbrella Consulting spoke about a Seattle client, Walk Score (

Type in your address and you can find out how far it is to walk to nearby attractions. I typed in the Voice office on Evelyn Street and found it had a score of 86 out of 100. Google's head office, where the meeting was held, is further from amenities and had a score of 68.

If you are moving to a new neighorhood, going to college or planning a vacation you can find out if the place is walkable with Walk Score. The most walkable place in the US is San Francisco's Chinatown, being very compact (Map Source: Walk Score). The software uses Google's Map interfaces and census tract data to build a heat map. If a map region is red, it's not very walkable, if it's green you might manage without a car.

The next WebMapSocial meeting in June will feature a speaker from the Midwest talking about how dairy farmers can save the planet!