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By Ms. Jenson

Love is Love

Uploaded: Apr 5, 2013

Hello! This writing came out of an assignment for students to write about something that they feel passionately about. The perspective below is a reflection on love and treating others equally, without any preconceived prejudices. Enjoy, Ms. Jenson

Love is Love, by Stephanie T.

I wish I had a magic wand, because there are so many things that I want to change in this world. One of the biggest, and most important, is people?s perspective on same-sex marriage. Many people do not accept it, and I don?t understand why. Partners in same-sex couples breathe, eat, work, and talk. They?re just like me and you. If you take away the exteriors what?s left? The same skeleton under everyone - no errors, no mistakes, we are all built the same way. The only difference is the gender that they love, and that?s not a reason to dislike them, or treat them like they?re different. They only want to live their lives without being harassed.

Groups of people pushed down have always had to fight for their rights. Susan B. Anthony, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr. Just like those people fought for the basic human right to be treated equally, gay and lesbian people need to fight for their own equality. My sister is a lesbian, and I support her. She?s not different from anyone else, in fact she might be better. I can always go to my sister for help and support. I love my sister just the way she is, and I wouldn?t trade her for anything.

I can?t just wave a wand and make people change their beliefs, but I can ask that they stop hating on people for something that doesn?t affect them. No one deserves to be treated unfairly. My sister deserves the same rights as everybody else, and should be allowed to marry if she chooses. Maybe, if people stop being mean, and think about being kind before they speak, someday same sex marriage will be legal in California.

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