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By Ms. Jenson

From There to Here

Uploaded: Apr 25, 2013

Hello! This week's student piece is a reflection on how a move of even a few miles (in this case, just 37) can have a big impact . Enjoy, Ms. Jenson

From There to Here, by Patrick M.

San Leandro. 30 minutes away, yet it feels so much farther. Before I moved to Mountain View I was a preppy kid who went to a private school and had to wear uniforms everyday. When the private school closed down there were no other private schools around so my mom signed me up for a public school. I was ecstatic the first day. No uniforms, new kids, and cafeteria food. It was like in the movies!!

That same year we had some family problems, and we just wanted to move away from it all. So we moved, and ended up here. It was so peaceful, so nice, and I was happy to be in a public school again instead of a private, uniformed nightmare.

5th grade was awesome because I just had new people to talk to and hang out around. I also met my best friends. We bonded over middle school. Our 7th grade English teacher named us the 3 stooges because we clowned around a lot and we were just as funny as them. As we look towards high school we?re still the three musketeers, or the three stooges, or whatever you want to call us, and still they?re the bestest bestfriends I?ve ever had.

Next year I start high school. Middle school (just like anything) has had it ups and its downs. Meeting new people, switching classes, getting good grades, and the delight of hanging out with my friends and having the funnest time. Mountain View has fully changed my life. San Leandro. So close yet so far. I?ll never forget where it all started.


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