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By Ms. Jenson

Celebrities, Gossip, and Us

Uploaded: May 1, 2013

This week's piece was a final writing assignment for the young adult novel The Gospel According to Larry by Janet Tashjian. It is written in the style of the main character's blog, which is devoted to exposing consumerism, materialsim, and celebrity worship as idea that get in the way of a happy life. Kleiber's piece made me reflect: What draws us to the gossip magazines and celebrity reality shows? We're interested to hear your answers. Happy reading! ~Ms. Jenson


Kleiber M.

Celebrities and gossip make a fraction of our daily life. We can?t go a day without hearing someone talking about them. A new song came out this week? Or some celebrity broke up with that person? Oh he cheated on her? What are they up to? How much money do they have? He got a ticket for speeding down the freeway in his new car? Oh he just bought a new house in Malibu? Why do we seriously care about famous people?s lives when all you need to be worrying is about yours? Celebrities don?t care and don?t even know you. So why would you care about them? Well they sure don?t care about you. All they want is popularity and get richer. They do stuff just to get the attention of regular people just like you and me and then the Paparazzi come along and work the stories to their benefit and twist and change up the stories so we hear what is more interesting to our minds, and the more they twist the stories the more we listen. So in the end, all of us are just robots taking commands enjoying hearing the famous? people?s lives. The lives that we all wished we could have?

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