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By Ms. Jenson

Acoustic Guitars, Country Music, The Farm, and Rusty Trucks

Uploaded: Oct 3, 2013

Hi! This writing came out of an assignment for students to write about something that they feel passionately about. In the perspective below, Ana explores her "country girl" heart, and why it is important to who she is . Enjoy, Ms. Jenson

In middle school, everyone gets judged at least once during their time there, even if it?s just about the music that you listen to. For example, if you didn?t listen to Drake or Justin Bieber, you weren?t allowed to sit with people who do. That?s why I never had told anyone that I liked songs by Luke Bryan, or that I loved visiting family at our farm in Michigan.

Even though I wear my regular skinny jeans and graphic t-shirts, I feel like I?m a country girl at heart. Last summer, my grandmother, sister, cousin, and I took a 10-day trip to visit my family in Michigan. We went to possibly the most green land in the entire universe. Instead of sidewalk, there was grass, and when you looked up, you didn?t see telephone poles and tons of jets. You saw clouds that seemed to be picked right out of Toy Story. My trip was so magical that it was in comparison to Disney World.

I think of some of my friends and I could never picture them being able to get dirty and help out in the horse stables like I did. They would stay inside trying to get reception out in the country? I just laugh because I know they never will. The same thing with cars. All of my friends would want a nice shiny new Prius, but honestly I cant wait until I?m able to drive my dad?s old Chevy truck.

I admit that I probably couldn?t live without technology, and yes, my dad does yell at me about being on my iPod for too long, but what can I say? I do live in the 21st century. But I also couldn?t live without that country girl inside.

With a Perspective, I'm Ana.

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