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By Jessica T

Stitch Fix

Uploaded: Feb 25, 2014

Ever so occasionally, I'll write about a product or service I come across that delights me. I'm not paid to do this. I do it because I want to share cool things with my readers. Today is one of those days. One of my very closest friends (who is kidless, very fashionable, and a jetsetter) sent me a semi-salesy note referring me to Stitch Fix.

Based in San Francisco, Stitch Fix is an innovative mail-order fashion service. Here's how it works: you complete an online profile and a personal stylist selects 5 pieces (items of clothing or accessories) for you based on lifestyle, body type, and personal preferences. You only keep what you want. The rest you mail back in a postage paid envelope. If you send everything back, Stitch Fix takes a $20 styling fee. If you keep all 5 pieces, you get a 25% discount. (Based on my experience, this seems to equate to one free piece. Also based on my limited experience with the service, the average cost of each item is around $68.) You have the option to sign up for a one-time "fix" or monthly "fixes."

My first reaction was, "No thanks. I've got 3 kids. I'm on a budget!" But then my friend showed me what they sent her - cute black skinny jeans, a smart blouse, and a unique necklace with orange and gold beads. Each piece had a tag attached with suggestions of what to wear with each item to look hip.

And over the next couple of I peered into my closet of tired pre-pregnancy and maternity wear clothes...I realized that with 3 kids, I may never, ever go shopping again. Nor did I want to! But of course, I still wanted to look professional at work and stylish on a night out.

Suddenly, it dawned on me. Stitch Fix is the PERFECT service for a working mother of three! I can order a box each season to keep my wardrobe fresh and stay abreast of new fashion trends. I had a blast filling out the personal profile and then trying to figure out how Stitch Fix's business model works.

Here's how my first "fix" went: I kept 2 pieces - a gray pair of skinny jeans and a blue blouse. I spent $156 (a little pricey, but my husband says I would have never selected the jeans for myself, and they fit me like a glove - music to the ears of the postpartum lady?) The black and brown striped sweater dress they sent was a size too big, so I found it online from another vendor and ordered it in a size smaller. (One of the rules of Stitch Fix is that you can't exchange items for another size.)

I filled out a questionnaire to tell them what worked and what didn't and why, so next time I'll be that much closer to getting a box of clothes just right for me.

It's an indulgence, yes. But so delightful to get a package of goodies (just for me) in the mail. It's a treat every mom deserves!


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