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By Elena Kadvany

Chez Franc drops its prices

Uploaded: Mar 5, 2015

Palo Alto's new hot-dog eatery Chez Franc has lowered its prices by several dollars, both as a result of making their own rather than buying dogs and in response to diners' feedback that prices were too high.

Chez Franc, which opened at 415 California Ave. in January, is now serving up its dogs for $6 to $13 instead of $12 to $15. Sandwiches and sides have also dropped in price.

"The main reason is that we are able to produce hot dogs at a lower price than we were buying them," owner Jacquetta Lannan wrote in an email. "We use very high quality ingredients, but it's still less expensive for us to make them than to buy.

"The secondary reason is that the primary negative feedback we received was our high prices. We looked for cost savings opportunities with our vendors and products."

A banner at the California Avenue restaurant advertising the new, lower prices.

Lannan and chef Dan Sung, who came to Chez Franc from The Village Pub in Woodside, also reworked the menu so that the dogs are not bundled with sides, but instead customers can purchase a franc solo or add a side if they wish. Fries are $2; slaw is $1.

Lannan said Sung is also working on a "limited edition burger" that is made with two very thinly pounded patties of Wagyu beef, topped with Tillamook cheddar and other ingredients on an English muffin-style bun.

Check out the new menu and prices here.

For all you sweet tooths out there, Chez Franc is also now serving ice cream from San Francisco's Humphrey Slocombe. Grab a scoop of the shop's famed Secret Breakfast flavor (made with bourbon and corn flakes), Blue Bottle Vietnamese Iced Coffee, Harvey Milk and Honey or Tahitian Vanilla. Lannan said they'll soon have a freezer and will be selling pints as well.