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By Steve Levy

Why Are You Supporting Measure A

Uploaded: Apr 5, 2015

There is already a Town Square blog thread for people who oppose Measure A. This blog is for people to share why they support continuing and increasing the parcel tax.

My wife and I are over 65 and have no children in our schools now. We opt to pay the current parcel tax and will both vote in support of Measure A and continue to opt in to paying the new parcel tax.

Our children had wonderful opportunities in the Palo Alto school system although neither was an elite college candidate.

Those opportunities came from caring teachers and counselors BUT they also came from investments made by previous generations in our school facilities, programs and staff.

We believe in generational connection and in passing along to others what was given to us. We were fortunate that older residents made the investments so our children could benefit and want to continue the tradition of generational gratitude.