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By Chandrama Anderson

Constitution Guarantees Nationwide Right to Same-Sex Marriage

Uploaded: Jun 26, 2015

"In a long-sought victory for the gay rights movement, the Supreme Court ruled on Friday that the Constitution guarantees a nationwide right to same-sex marriage . . . The decision, the culmination of decades of litigation and activism, came against the backdrop of fast-moving changes in public opinion, with polls indicating that most Americans now approve of same-sex marriage." NY Times, June 26, 2015.

Congratulations to all those couples and families who may now legalize what has been denied them, and to all those who worked for this historic outcome.

It is Pride weekend in San Francisco, and I imagine the celebrations will be in full swing.

Having worked within my own professional organization to this end, I have a small taste of what goes into a change such as this.

The next challenge is to make so-called "Conversion Therapy" illegal. In New Jersey in February, it was ruled as fraud: "So-called "conversion therapy" groups may not represent "homosexuality" as a disorder. Superior Court Judge Peter F. Barsio Jr. ruled that promoting someone's sexual orientation as an ailment that needs to be cured violates the state's consumer protection laws," writes Halley Miller of the Human Rights Campaign.

Homosexuality as a disorder was taken out of the DSM (Diagnostics and Statistics Manual) is the early 1970's.

Couples of any gender makeup are welcome at Connect2 Marriage Counseling.

Again, congratulations on this historic day!