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By Steve Levy

Santa Clara County 2016 Transportation Ballot Measure

Uploaded: Sep 14, 2015

The San Jose Mercury News reported today on the preliminary wish list of projects for the 2016 county sales tax measure for transportation.

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The list includes $50 billion in funding while the sales tax measure is expected to raise $6 billion. Some of the shortfall could be made up by outside funding but there is no doubt that this initial list will need to be substantially reduced.

$30 billion in transit projects were identified including $2 billion to extend BART to San Jose. Road repair projects totaled $9 billion while highway improvements were near $6 billion. Other projects included bike and pedestrian improvements and local expressway projects.

Local projects included a CalTrain crossing project at Charleston, Highway 101 improvements at University, Embarcadero and San Antonio and more express lanes on 101.
Road repairs got favorable mention in the article.

"A huge chunk will almost certainly be set aside to fill potholes. Two years ago in a survey of likely voters, 87 percent rated street repairs a high priority. But last week talks collapsed in Sacramento that would have raised the state gas tax by 12 cents a gallon for road fixes."

There are more details in the article.

Take a look and tell readers what you think of the list and the need for a ballot measure.