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By Chandrama Anderson

A Moment of Silence (and then action) for the Families and Loved Ones in Orlando

Uploaded: Jun 12, 2016

This shooting in the gay bar in Orlando is so horrifying, that it is hard to find words for it.

It seems that most of the random shootings, which are also horrifying, are not targeted at a specific group (although plenty of that has happened throughout history).

This was an attack especially on the LGBT community. Most of you likely know someone who is LGBT; even if s/he is not out to you.

Please take time to hold vigil for the families and loved ones who died, and those who are injured.

Then ask yourself, "What can I do?" And then do it -- large, medium, or small -- it doesn't matter. Let's not be apathetic.

Update: This amazing poem came into my inbox today, and the author gave permission for me to post it here. It's her "action" after Orlando.

Pulse Night Club Orlando, FL 6/12/16, 1:49 am

I am Xavier, I am Juan, I am Enrique
You are Amanda, Frankie and Angel
We are Mercedes, Christopher and Luis
We are 6 degrees of separation
Which means there is no separation

If I could have been there at 1:49 am
I would have taken each person by the hand
Led them outside said, Look at those stars
Go home now - be safe

If I could have been there at 12:49 am
I would have kept Omar Mateen
From entering
Instead I’d take his hand
Say go home, go home
To your heart
Go home to your humanity
There you can find safety
There you will find you are not separate

I would, if I could, turn his hate into tears
I would say the distance between
Your dreams and my longing is
The distance between
Each heartbeat
I would say that we are all us
There is no you and them
Only the disconnections
of you/them in your own heart

It’s the truth that hurts the most
If I had been there at 1:49 am
I could not have done a thing

Nor could God
God gave us choice and will
We choose what we will
God says choose life
Choose life

This night
God cries with us
And asks us to remember
They are us

Choose love
Choose life

- Sally Churgel