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By Steve Levy

Council Priorities for 2017

Uploaded: Jan 27, 2017

I thank everyone for the hours you put in to serve the city and look forward to coming to the priority session tomorrow.

My top four priorities are:

--reducing SOV use at peak periods

--working with Stanford on development issues on their city land

--expanding housing choices and new units

--expanding the great service the council and staff provide by having study sessions

I believe all of these will advance goals in the Comp Plan and lead to a better informed and better served city

Reducing SOV at peak periods

A lot of attention has been paid to RPPs and garage options. But numerically and in terms of policy reducing peak hour SOV use has the highest impact and makes the other choices easier and residents happier.

There is a wide menu of areas facing council in 2017 to make progress here including

--the TMA funding and operation--especially helping service workers with irregular schedules

--expanding peak hour service for PA workers on Caltrain and VTA and all the associated Caltrain issues

--the chance to weigh in on the Dumbarton corridor options

--an upcoming ballot measure in SM County that will also make it easier to get to PA by public transit

--PA shuttle options

Working with Stanford

Stanford lands in the city boundaries house the largest number of employees.

Potentially these lands contain large opportunities for housing

Stanford has the best TDM program and the employees on their lands provide additional opportunities to reduce peak SOV use

At the same time they need to make their regional assets--SRP, SHC and the medical complex competitive and up to date in an increasingly competitive world

A mutual and collaborative relationship can bring benefits to all

Expanding housing choices and new units

This has been a priority and more so in recent months

Council will make decisions in the Comp Plan and at the project level in 2017 and beyond.

Let's show ourselves that we really mean housing is a priority by reducing barriers and development, providing incentives and clarity as to location and type of units

More study sessions

My initial suggestions would be

--helping residents and council understand changing retail patterns and realistic options and the relationship between the number of customers, access and successful retail. hear from the business community in this endeavor and retail experts

--helping residents and council understand the fiscal outlook and issues and how Comp Plan and council choices affect the city budget

--understanding how the housing system for low income residents works and what choices are available.

In general focus in broadening information in preparation for when it is relevant to specific council decisions. Bring in experts to help us understand a rapidly changing environment for city choices