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By Laura Stec

Eat Your Wildflowers

Uploaded: Apr 6, 2017

With a really wet winter behind us – it’s the perfect season for hunting mushrooms and wildflowers. Before you head out, download the new guide from POST, Peninsula Open Space Trust.

Wildflowers of the Bay Area

The full-color guide identifies 30 native wildflowers, where to find them, and when they are in bloom. Start looking now! I reviewed the guide for Food Party! flowers (flowers we can eat) and found out Miner’s Lettuce has flowers – who knew? Miner’s Lettuce grows all over the Bay; pick it and make a delicious salad. The guide describes the plant as a valuable food source for the miners during the Gold Rush.

Here’s a few others:

Make herbal tea with Johnny Jump-ups

And use these for home remedies…

Blue Eyed Grass
Roots and leaves used by the Ohlone Indians as a cure for indigestion and stomach pain.

Coyote Mint
Used by Spanish missionaries as a cure for sore throats. Take a sniff to enjoy its fresh, minty fragrance. I think I saw this flower this morning at the Dish in Palo Alto.

Thanks POST!

Peninsula Open Space Trust

POST has protected 75,000 acres of open space, farms and parkland in San Mateo, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz counties with the support of our generous donors. Their mission is to protect and care for lands that provide scenic beauty, clean air and water, locally grown food and a place for people and wildlife to thrive. Many POST-protected properties are private, so please visit the hikes page for publicly accessible properties.