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Issue date: April 28, 2000

KMVT experiences broadcast glitches KMVT experiences broadcast glitches (April 28, 2000)

By Greg Kozocas

Since moving to its new location KMVT's Channel 26 (formerly Channel 3) public access television station has not been broadcasting consistently due to problems with a connection from City Hall to AT&T's cable system.

The connection problem has occurred four times since the station changed location to Channel 26 on April 18, said Lindsey Wong, operations supervisor for KMVT in Mountain View.

Wong said that the problem, although persistent, is not affecting other stations in the area.

While there has been conjecture that the problem is being caused by roadwork on El Camino Real and the "major overhaul" of AT&T's services, Andrew Johnson, executive director of communications for AT&T, said he was not aware of the problem and could not comment.

Mountain View Mayor Rosemary Stasek called the problem is a "huge issue that affects the entire city" and "seriously degrades public access." Stasek said that a major concern was that the first City Council meeting to be broadcast at the new location was not aired Tuesday evening.

"This is becoming a pretty frequent occurrence," said Stasek. "People have no way to find us on our new station."

Wong said that Tuesday's council meeting was taped and will be aired Thursday at 6:30 p.m. and Saturday at 11 a.m. She also explained that KMVT contacted AT&T Tuesday about the problem but that repairs were not made.


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