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Issue date: September 01, 2000

Mountain View property owner Donald Letcher stands by the eye-catching statement he made last week at his rental complex about his views of Mayor Rosemary Stasek and Council member Nancy Noe.

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Discontent writ large Discontent writ large (September 01, 2000)

Donald Letcher is not shy about his views of Mayor Rosemary Stasek and Council member Nancy Noe.

A regular speaker at city council meetings and contributor to the letters page of the Voice, Letcher chose a larger forum -- his rental unit at 792 North Rengstorff Ave. -- to express his dissatisfaction with Stasek and Noe, who are seeking re-election this November.

Of the four incumbents, Letcher singled out Noe and Stasek in his statement because of the response he received from Stasek during a private meeting with her about the city's multifamily housing inspection program.

After a change in the city code, Letcher's property became subject to inspection in 1996. He has sought an exemption, contending that because of their age, his buildings cannot be brought up to code.

"Stasek absolutely berated me. I felt like a criminal," Letcher said of his meeting with the mayor.

He said he added Noe's name because as vice-mayor she "supports Stasek in everything."

Stasek, who said she met with Letcher and had city staff respond in writing to four of his concerns, did not think his sign would have any effect on her re-election campaign.

"I'm going to run a really positive campaign," Stasek said. "I'll be emphasizing the work I've done in the last four years."

Both she and Noe said they wholeheartedly support Letcher's constitutional right to express his views.

"It certainly is a great conversation starter," Noe said of the sign, adding, "Hopefully, people will base their votes on the candidates and their stance on the issues, and not on what someone has painted on the side of their house."

A San Francisco resident who cannot vote in Mountain View, Letcher said response to the sign has been positive but shows that Mountain View residents are politically unaware.

"When I'm outside working, people stop and ask me, 'Who are these people? Are they men or women?'" he said.

Letcher, who has a lawsuit pending against the city for arresting him at City Hall in 1998, plans to leave the slogan up until after the election.

"If the two candidates lose, I'd like to write, 'Thank you;' if they don't, I'll leave it until they do go," he said.


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