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Issue date: September 15, 2000

Teacher pleads guilty after plea offer from judge Teacher pleads guilty after plea offer from judge (September 15, 2000)

By Justin Scheck

Former Egan Middle School teacher Terrence Hagan pleaded guilty last week to 10 felony counts stemming from "consensual but illegal" sexual relationships he had with two teenage girls.

The felony charges, which included statutory rape and sodomy, were accompanied by a misdemeanor charge of possession of illegal steroids.

In an interview Wednesday Santa Clara County Deputy District Attorney Michelle LaForce said Hagan pleaded guilty in Superior Court on Sept. 8 after Judge Diane Northway offered to lower Hagan's maximum sentence from over 10 years in prison to six years and eight months in either a state prison or county jail.

"The deputy district attorney offered he plea as charged with no bargain whatsoever, but... the judge gave him a better offer," said LaForce.

She went on to say that Hagan has not yet been officially sentenced, but if her office is displeased with the sentencing it will request "a formal sentencing hearing," which would require courtroom testimony from involved parties.

"The people's position has never changed," LaForce said. "Our sentencing offer was 'there is no offer;'the offer was offered by the court."

Police arrested the 29-year-old Hagan at Egan Middle School May 9, and has been in custody since that time.

LaForce said he will be held until sentencing unless he is able to meet the $600,000 bail set for him on May 22. 


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