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Issue date: October 13, 2000

Ambra, Noe, Stasek and Zoglin for city council Ambra, Noe, Stasek and Zoglin for city council (October 13, 2000)

Over the past four years the Mountain View City Council has done an admirable job of balancing the many interests of the businesses and residents who call the city home. In their first term Mario Ambra, Nancy Noe, Rosemary Stasek, and Mary Lou Zoglin have fought hard to maintain the quality of life in Mountain View in the face of skyrocketing housing and living costs. We believe they deserve reelection on Nov. 7.

Nancy Noe has achieved an impressive record of service to the Mountain View community, both as an elected official and as an involved leader in the Chamber of Commerce. Thoughtful and articulate, Noe understands the needs and challenges of Mountain View's many populations -- youth, renters, families, senior citizens, and businesses from the "mom and pop" variety to the high-tech sector. Compassionate and creative, Noe has always been a good listener and a person committed to finding solutions. Mountain View is fortunate to have been the beneficiary of her time and many talents. She deserves a strong "yes" vote on the November ballot.

Rosemary Stasek is a vital and dynamic community leader, a high-tech professional who has energized the council in many ways. Hard-working, honest and gutsy, Stasek knows elective office isn't a popularity contest, and she is unafraid to speak her mind on the many issues confronting the city. Stasek isn't leery of offending the moneyed interests; she won't sell out on Mountain View's quality of life to developers waving their checkbooks. She is committed to keeping Mountain View a great place to live, work, and raise a family, and she has a special concern for our lower-income residents who face many difficulties. Mountain View needs voices like Stasek's on the council, and she well deserves another term.

A woman of talent and accomplishment in the fields of public service and education, Mary Lou Zoglin is a champion for the needs of youth and children, especially those whose families face economic struggles. Deeply involved in the Mountain View community, Zoglin is a progressive who sees that the city's future is linked to how well we can nurture and protect some of our most vulnerable residents and valuable resources -- our children. Zoglin is a tireless worker who is open to new ideas and accessible to residents, always ready to discuss their concerns. She deserves our gratitude for her dedicated service thus far, and our strong support for a second term.

Known as the "neighborhood councilman," Mario Ambra sincerely cares about Mountain View's neighborhoods and the little things which together make up what we experience as the desirable "quality of life" here. Ambra is ready to listen and help with problems large and small, and his enthusiasm for public service is evident in his friendly and open attitude toward everyone he meets. From issues involving youth and seniors to day laborers, from concerns about neighborhood conditions to traffic, Ambra has always been eager to step forward and help. His responsiveness to the electorate is commendable and he deserves another term to represent our community interests.

The challengers, Environmental Planning Commissioner Matt Pear and software engineer Greg Perry, have ideas to bring to the council but lack the breadth of perspective necessary to the role.

Intelligent and hard-working, Pear is guided in his decision-making on the EPC by his considerable financial expertise. Although his knowledge adds a unique point of view to the commission, we nonetheless feel that his approach to solving the housing crisis, which relies on pressuring other communities, rather than Mountain View, to build affordable housing, is out of step with what this city needs.

Perry shows a level of intellectual engagement in city issues that is truly refreshing. His ideas about transit -- focused on making a cost-effective, workable system for all residents based on Caltrain and buses -- demonstrate an independence of mind and a willingness to seek answers that would serve the community well. We would like to see him return in a future council election having gained the experience in public service -- perhaps on a commission -- that would prepare him for the demands of public office. 


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