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Issue date: January 12, 2001

The unanimous choice of their colleagues, new Vice Mayor Sally Lieber and new Mayor Mario Ambra moved into council leadership roles at Tuesday's meeting.

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Mario Ambra named mayor Mario Ambra named mayor (January 12, 2001)

Sally Lieber becomes vice mayor; Matt Pear sworn in

By Justin Scheck

At a standing-room-only meeting Tuesday night, Rosemary Stasek passed the gavel -- and the Mountain View mayoralty -- to fellow Council member Mario Ambra. Council member Sally Lieber was elected vice mayor. The meeting was also the first for newly elected Council member Matt Pear.

Ambra, who was elected in November to his second term on the council, was unanimously voted mayor by the council, which then elected Lieber to be vice mayor.

In a brief acceptance speech, Ambra said that, as mayor, he hopes to increase recreation opportunities for children, look at ways of tackling the current energy crisis on a local level, and mitigate the city's housing and traffic problems.

"I feel that in cooperation with the schools, we should do what we can to give the young people of Mountain View positive things to do," Ambra said, adding he hopes to "find ways to encourage public participation in city government."

In an interview with the Voice Wednesday, Ambra indicated he wants to look at ways to increase city revenues, improve mass transit, and work closely with Mountain View's new merged school board.

"We (the council and the school board) are two separate entities, but it would be good to work together," he said.

In her farewell speech Tuesday, Stasek gave an account of her busy mayoral schedule and thanked the Mountain View community for allowing her to represent them.

Stasek said Wednesday that while she was proud of the council's accomplishments during her mayoral term, the Mountain View mayorship is unique not for its legislative opportunities, but for the symbolic nature of the position.

"The essence of being mayor is not to have significant policy impacts," she said. "What's special about being mayor is, for that year, being the person who represents Mountain View, both inside and outside the city. I really put as much energy as I could into representing the city."

New Council member Matt Pear thanked the voters of Mountain View for electing him to "the council that will set the policies and agenda for the new millennium." Pear said, "It is with humility and pride that I serve, and with the same reverence to my grandparents who toiled, along with others, to make this city what it is today.

"The voices of all will be heard, not just those who are politically active, or those who control the media," he added.

A business consultant and former environmental planning commissioner, Pear has listed housing and development as issues he will tackle while serving on the council.


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