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Publication Date: Friday, March 02, 2001

Stasek to run for assembly Stasek to run for assembly (March 02, 2001)

By Justin Scheck

It's more than a year away, but next year's race for the California State Assembly District 22 seat is already looking to be a contentious one for Mountain View.

Rosemary Stasek Tuesday became the second Mountain View City Council member to seek the Democratic nomination for the seat to be vacated next year when Elaine Alquist reaches her term limit.

Stasek, now in her second term on the council, will join Sally Lieber and Santa Clara resident Rod Diridon Jr. in the primary.

"It's going to be a very, very competitive primary," said Stasek, adding that she expects more candidates to enter the race on the Democratic ticket.

Asked about her desire to move into state politics, Stasek said, "I love all the local stuff, and it's really meaningful, but this is an opportunity to get back to what got me into politics. What I'm really looking for is just the opportunity to go to Sacramento, be involved in women's issues, and bring my local perspective."

Stasek's decision to run comes less than three months after she completed her successful campaign for city council.

"I had originally thought I would be able to take a little bit of a breather, but these races start early," she said.

Stasek and Lieber have taken different approaches to the initial funding of their campaigns: Stasek opened her campaign bank account Tuesday with a $3,000 donation from Mountain View resident Dennis Fischette, and has yet to make her personal donation; Lieber already has over $220,000 in her campaign fund, with $200,000 of the total coming in the form of a loan from her husband, David Phillips.

Stasek said she will begin campaigning in earnest immediately, although she will not hold any full-scale fundraisers in the forseeable future.

"My initial fundraising efforts are going to be very personal," she said.

Lieber, who began her campaign in December, said she has not changed her campaign strategy since learning of Stasek's candidacy and does not anticipate a heated battle with her.

"It looks like the viable candidates are going to be Rod Diridon, Jr. and I, looking at the endorsements and community support and ability to raise the funds needed to get our message out," said Lieber.

Stasek said the fact that Mountain View has two candidates in the race "puts Mountain View on the map. It's a reflection of the farm team, if you will, that Mountain View has developed. We have a really active community." 


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