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Publication Date: Friday, May 04, 2001

@lethead:Train station fits in


"Old Southern Pacific station house to be installed at transit plaza," (April 20, 2001). Enlightening news indeed, and welcomed news, to say the least! This is something I have long hoped for -- hopefully not in vain! It is, in my opinion, sad and a shame that there wasn't enough effort, interest or foresight by those responsible for managing our city's affairs at the time when our original, quaint, charming and unique station was still standing to preserve it. Instead our leaders allowed for its demolition, and the loss of a part of our local history. Though there will never be the real thing again, the new station will come close, according to the plans I've read about, and complement the restored Adobe. I would hope that our mayor and council members do everything they possibly can in their meetings with Caltrans towards coming to an agreement on the matter prior to the deadline date of Sept. 30. Frances Trimmer<$> S. Rengstorff<$> @lethead:City help for Printers Inc.!


Regarding the April 20, 2001, article titled "Time Running Out for Printers Inc.," Council member Rosemary Stasek stated that "although the downtown is doing well right now, it could be seriously affected if Printers Inc. closed its doors." She went on to say that "Printers Inc. is something that draws people to the downtown" and "it's what people think of when they think of downtown Mountain View." Well, duh... this is a no brainer. If the Mountain View City Council thinks so highly of Printers Inc., they (the council) need to do everything possible to keep them here. If this means an additional loan to or outright funding of Printers Inc. then so be it. Without some major financial help on the part of the city, Mountain View will, indeed, lose a major attraction. Lawrence K. Wallace<$> Midrock Corners<$>


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