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Publication Date: Friday, May 11, 2001

@lethead:Just doing her job


Mountain View vs. Microsoft? Stasek vs. Holst? A new crisis in town? Sheesh! ("Ambra accuses Stasek of misconduct," April 27).

Then-Mayor Stasek was doing her job representing the people and the interests of our community in calling Microsoft to account for being a scrooge. I want our mayor there when it comes to asking a "good corporate neighbor" for support for a cause such as basic housing. I want our mayor to represent the people, not kiss up to Billy Gate's giant.

If Microsoft's feelings are hurt or they feel threatened, I say, "Poor baby - get over it." Ben DeBolt Franklin Avenue @lethead:Home Depot adds value


The Home Depot issue should be quite simple. Does the Depot add value to the community?

On the plus side, a significant sales tax comes into the city with Home Depot. An unused tax base will be occupied (the old Emporium site.) We drive less to get to Home Depot.

As for the negatives, the site at El Camino and 85 has always had lots of traffic, which is due in part to the freeway and the large number of businesses at the area. There used to be Emporium traffic; this will be replaced by Home Depot traffic.

If anyone prefers to support other hardware businesses that charge more, please do so. But do not deny the city a tax base to support your peccadillo. Rich G Buxton Loreto Street


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