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Publication Date: Friday, November 22, 2002

LETTERS LETTERS (November 22, 2002)

Candidate Bivings thanks local voters


First of all I would like to thank voters for the support I received during the election.

I met some very cool and interesting people in my community travels. I look forward to a continued relationship and I understand why you and I live in Mountain View.

Second, thank you for the courage that the community showed in fending off the terrorist-like attacks of special interest groups, particularly the leadership of the firefighters union and Team Mountain View. These groups attempted to hijack this election and fly right into city hall.

They failed because of the community's ability to see the strike coming. These are people who operated in the dark of night and who didn't have the courage to present their opinions and issues in the light of day.

Speaking of dark of night, the cowards who removed and vandalized over 25 of my campaign signs have a surprise coming. You thought by removing these signs on Sunday and Monday prior to the election would make a difference in the outcome. Who knows? It may have. However, I don't believe voters choose a representative purely on seeing a name on a sign. I give them more credit than that. And you should have too.

Revenge, racism, sexism and all the other "ism's" have no place in today's community. As in many cities, we are in a fight for our quality of life for the next several years. Our advantage is that we have a city staff led by highly qualified and caring individuals. Their leadership and guidance has kept Mountain View an award-winning and solidly-run community. I hope there is never an election in Mountain View like this again.
Rosiland Bivings Boranda Avenue

Residents should learn rent control laws


In regard to "Mobile home laws debated" in the Nov. 15 Voice:

Decisions, particularly those impacting many people, need to be made by representatives who have accurate and complete information.

Only honesty can "rehabilitate" park owner John Vidovich's credibility. The information provided by Mr. Vidovich on park charges needs to be discarded and an audit or survey done to reveal the true costs for homeowners in his parks.

At the same time, all Mountain View representatives and staff at the city, county and state level, and all other interested parties, should become familiar with the rent control/stabilization ordinances in effect for 28 cities and two counties in Northern California.

These can be viewed at The time to protect the limited affordable housing in Mountain View is before it becomes unaffordable.
Iris Lubitz Sahara Mobile Village

Castro Street capsule buried in 1990


I was surprised to see that the recent article on time capsules made no mention of the time capsule buried during the reconstruction of Castro Street in 1990.

People walk over it every day. It's in the Castro Street median, on the south side of Mercy Street. There you'll see a beautiful custom-made manhole cover. The capsule itself is several feet below it in a concrete chamber. It is made of PVC and is sealed.

Among the contents are menus from a variety of downtown restaurants, a video on the downtown revitalization project (alas, VCRs appear bound for extinction soon), a bottle of wine, a pack of cigarettes, a condom, photographs, and a written synopsis of world events at the time (including the fall of the Berlin Wall).

I was there in 1990, and I hope to be around when it's unearthed in 2090.
Barney Burke Port Townsend, Washington

Election a ray of hope for seniors


With the November 5 elections now over, and decisions having been made, I feel that Mountain View voters have made two very good choices in Nick Galiotto and Greg Perry.

Perhaps there is once again a ray of light, and hope for the little people and seniors of our city.

Hopefully they will serve as individuals and not allow themselves to be pressured or influenced by the decisions of others, no matter who those persons might be.

Congratulations and best wishes Nick and Greg.

Though Liz Boewer-Ambra did not win a council seat, to her supporters she is indeed considered a winner, in that she ran a clean/honest campaign in spite of all the roadblocks she was forced to face.

Shame to the newspapers and media for their injustice, lack of respect, inconsideration and for stigmatizing her every time her name was printed in their publications.

They failed her, and did a disservice to the community as well, by not having recognized her as an individual, worthy candidate, and not having judged her for her merits based on community service.

Is it any wonder Liz Boewer-Ambra refused to be interviewed, and why the public is losing trust in newspapers and asking to have their subscriptions cancelled?

Just as newspapers reserve the right to chose, and endorse their own candidates, they should also respect the rights of other groups, and people to do the same, without being so critical and trying to influence the voters.
Frances Trimmer S. Rengstorff Avenue


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