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December 05, 2003

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Publication Date: Friday, December 05, 2003

City council City council (December 05, 2003)

Greene, Lesti reappointed

The city council reappointed David Greene and Paul Lesti to four-year terms on the Environmental Planning Commission. Greene is the current chair of the commission, which makes recommendations to the council on issues such as zoning, affordable housing, and the historic preservation ordinance.

Money for housing

The council unanimously approved a proposal to designate $498,000 to rehabilitate the Central Park Apartments and $52,000 to pay off the mortgage of the Casa SAY youth shelter.

The funds were available from the city's Community Development Block Grant budget and needed to be used before April, or future CDBG allotments to the city would be decreased.

The Central Park Apartments, which are in need of exterior remodeling, offer a low-income housing option for seniors. The Mid-Peninsula Housing Coalition operates the 149-unit complex.

Casa SAY, which is operated by Social Advocates for Youth, provides shelter and other services to homeless and at-risk youth. Under the council-approved plan, the city will own the shelter and lease it back to SAY at no cost.

"In terms of a preventive measure, this is a very smart investment," said Council member Rosemary Stasek.

The council also agreed to consider providing CDBG funds for parks in low-income neighborhoods during its next CDBG budgeting cycle.

More money for homeland security

The police department received $100,000 in grant funding from the federal government to pay overtime for officers working on homeland security.

The city council agreed to provide the department a matching grant of $33,352.

The money gives officers the ability to review preparedness plans for potential sites of terrorism, receive additional terrorism awareness and prevention training, and educate and inform citizens about homeland security.

The one-time grant is also intended to pay for temporary officers who substitute for permanent officers on military leave. There are currently three reservists in the Mountain View police department, including one who is on military leave, said Bennett.

Another grant comes through

The department received a renewed state grant totaling $107,254 intended for frontline law enforcement.

Although the grant fully covered two police officer positions when it was first received in 1996, it is not enough to do so now.

The police department will try to absorb an additional $30,535 in its budget to make up the difference to fully fund the two positions.

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