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July 02, 2004

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Publication Date: Friday, July 02, 2004

What's a teen to do in Mountain View? What's a teen to do in Mountain View? (July 02, 2004)

Best bets for the summer

By Brady Ruebusch and Chris Perry

No matter what city you live in, most teenagers will complain that there is nothing to do. It seems we teens just enjoy grumbling and often overlook the interesting places and activities found in our own back yards.

In the case of some cities, like Los Altos, teens actually have a point when they say there's nothing to do. But we believe that Mountain View is different.

In a quest to prove the average Mountain View teenager wrong, we set out on an adventure to prove that our home is not only teen-friendly but a teen destination to be proud of. On a day solely dedicated to having fun in our hometown, we traveled to what we believe to be Mountain View's major teen destinations.

Shoreline Park

Brady: Deciding to start at the top of Mountain View and work our way south, we entered Shoreline Park.
Chris: Yeah, that tiny road we took to get to the lake, the one with all the dips and crevices, is an adventure in itself. Once we arrived at the lake, we discovered a plethora of teen activities. For a relatively cheap price, you can pedal-boat with a group of friends and grab a hamburger at the Lakeside Cafe. You can also bring your bike or rollerblades, go windsurfing, stunt-kite flying or golf.
Brady: Oh yeah, don't forget the amazing Shoreline Amphitheatre, one of the few places where big-name artists such as Santana and The Who perform.
Chris: While leaving Shoreline, I can't help but think that the park is the perfect setting for a romantic date, given all its amenities and its picturesque setting. (Brady winks.)

Century Cinema 16

Chris: Almost every teen in Mountain View knows of this location. But what needs to be stressed is that teens from all around the area come to our city for a night at the movies.
Brady: Check it! The cost of Century Theaters is also cheaper than many of the other local movie theaters, and it is one of the largest Century Theaters in our area.

Laser Quest

Brady: I love this place and the memories I have from here. They run some awesome all-night games of laser tag where they allow play in the entire building. It's a place unique to Mountain View.

All Star Academy Batting Cages

Chris: Recently built on Grant Road, the All Star Academy is a place to take friends. Hours of entertainment can come from watching an inexperienced player feebly try to hit a ball. When I took my turn in the cages, the machines pitched perfect strikes as I smashed solid hits.
Brady: Yeah, right! Anyway, for the cheap price of $3 for 20 pitches, we were able to give Chris ample opportunity to hit at least one ball.

Cruising Castro Street

Chris: Then we headed downtown. Many teens in the area scoff at the idea of hanging out in downtown, but at night Castro Street is the place to be.
Brady: There are so many cool little coffee shops or cafe-like places where teens can just chill and relax after a day of hard work or night of having fun. Gelato Classico is definitely a hot spot.
Chris: You can also hang out at the increasingly popular pearl tea shops such as Verde or Tapioca Express. Downtown has an eclectic mix of shops and restaurants that truly represent the diversity of Mountain View.

After one day of roaming around town, we came to the conclusion that Mountain View does have a great variety of activities for teens. We have only highlighted a few, so the next time a teen complains that there is nothing to do in Mountain View, hand them this article and walk away.

Brady Ruebusch graduated from Bellarmine Preparatory School and will attend UC San Diego. Chris Perry graduated from St. Francis High School and will attend UC Davis.

Teen Hangouts

Shoreline Lake
Boathouse, 965-7474

Laser Quest
1400 N. Shoreline Blvd., 965-9800

Century Cinemas 16
1500 N. Shoreline Blvd., 960-0970
Student Prices: $7.75

All-Star Academy
1250 Grant Road, 961-BALL (2255)

Verde Tea & Espresso Bar
852 Villa St., 210-9986

Tapioca Express
740 Villa St., 965-3093

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