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November 05, 2004

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Publication Date: Friday, November 05, 2004

Voices Voices (November 05, 2004)

How important is it to find Osama Bin Laden?

Asked in Downtown Mountain View. Pictures and interviews by Huong C. Pham.

"It's very important because he's at the root of the problem. It's not going to resolve everything, but it will weaken terrorism and Al Qaeda."
Arleen Ballin, Mountain View

"Realistically, I don't think it matters because I think it's his organization."
Deniss Escorcia, Mountain View

"It's very important because he's associated with 9/11. It will resolve a lot of issues. I think it's also terrible that they let his family escape. I think there are deeper issues than we think."
Jack Dinan, Mountain View

"I don't think it's as important as winning the war on terrorism in general. It's like they didn't prosecute the emperor of Japan but they took away his resources. I think we should get rid of his organization."
Kathy Hook, Teacher in Mountain View

"It might be more of a problem to capture him. The question is, is it going to solve anything and what kind of repercussions will there be, because his organization can still operate without him. If we capture him, it's better [that he is] captured dead to avoid a hostage situation."
Chris Blair, Palo Alto

"It's important because he holds the ultimate responsibility for 9/11. I don't think the U.S., in general, will feel resolved until he is brought to justice."
Walter Ganzer, Livermore

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