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May 06, 2005

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Publication Date: Friday, May 06, 2005

Pranks, parties and trips abroad Pranks, parties and trips abroad (May 06, 2005)

A guide to celebrating senior year

By Alexa Sol and Kelly Paulick

A high school student's senior year is a very crucial time, in respect to education, personal future, and the best time of one's life -- or so we're told.

Being a high school student consists of tedious college applications, including some with essays, senior theses, AP exams and finals. But after all that hard work it's a downhill slope filled with unforgettable trips, pictures, parties and pranks.

For anyone who needs to know, here is a guide through some of these remarkable events that we, as high school seniors, get to experience.

First comes graduation, with a large ceremony followed by Grad Night and many other celebrations. Grad night is held at an undisclosed location and consists of secret school-organized activities.

For the Mountain View High class of 2004, Grad Night was held at the City Beach indoor volleyball club facility. There were multiple sports to play, a salon for manicures and pedicures, a dress-up station to take funny pictures, and of course a dining area.

For the Los Altos High class of 2004, Grad Night was held at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and the students were allowed to use the entire boardwalk. Sonya Gonzalez, senior at LAHS, says, "Grad Night has to be one of the most special times. Its like you finally realize that your high school career is over and the people that you love or hate are all going to be moving on."

Second come senior pranks. They are discouraged at most schools, since they are regarded as immature and unacceptable, but to many seniors it is the one moment that won't be captured in the yearbook but remembered in history. At LAHS, the senior class had Principal Wynne Satterwhite and a police officer speak about the severity of committing a senior prank.

The great ones of the past have been remembered and passed down to future generations. Once, I heard, someone covered the floor of the administration building with small water-filled Dixie cups. This forced the administration to move the cups one-by-one out of the building because they couldn't get around them. Also, some seniors have been known to dye the swimming pool, or place a newspaper ad saying that the school was up for sale. The contact information was that of the administration, so they received multiple strange calls about a large property for sale with a pool, football field, and baseball field. Luckily, no students were caught in this case, which did not happen in this area.

No major pranks have been done at school yet this year, but will there be one to come? Jessica Attard, a senior at LAHS, says, "Senior pranks are what makes the year memorable. It doesn't matter if the school doesn't give us the day off but as long as it is good or funny, then it totally makes my year."

Third come senior trips, in which students celebrate their many successes in high school with all their friends. People choose to travel to many parts of the world, according to their desires and interests. Many schools don't organize school trips, but in most cases the students take charge and plan trips for their friends and classmates.

At Mountain View I have heard of many trips that will be happening shortly after graduation, with destinations ranging from Mexico to Europe. Many MVHS students are going to Cancun, Mexico. The trip is arranged by one student who serves as a representative for Invasion Tours, a company specializing in senior trips. In Mexico the students are able to snorkel, skydive, fish, tan, swim and many other things.

Viari Lopez, a MVHS senior, says, "This is going to be my favorite part of the year. I always go to Mexico in the summer but being able to be with everyone on the beach is going to finish off the year just how I like it."

In addition, many Saint Francis students are heading to Hawaii to relax, swim, snorkel and scuba dive. Other Mountain View students will visit France and Spain.

It is now May and the year is beginning to fly. All college entry deadlines have passed and from now on, seniors will no longer need to focus on impressing a certain university but rather on trying to meet all graduation requirements, and not fail due to "senioritis."

As many seniors are counting down the days until graduation, many others are wishing it would slow down. Parents, teachers and friends are sad and proud to see the day that we seniors graduate. Ann Nyuyen, sophomore at LAHS, says, "My very best friends are seniors and I'm so happy that they are going to graduate but it makes me so sad to know that they won't be with me here anymore. I'll definitely miss all the weekends we've spent together and the lunches we've had, but hopefully all my friends and I will be able to go to Asia before they leave to college."

It won't really hit until you're walking down that aisle and you realize that this is a bittersweet moment in your life. You are about to embark on a new page in your life, but at the same time, you are closing a page that you have grown so accustomed to. Alexa Sol and Kelly Paulick are, respectively, seniors at Los Altos and Mountain View High Schools.

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