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"Vintage Planes at Moffett "
Submitted May 17, 2015

"Endeavor's Fairwell"
Taken Sep 21, 2012

"The Last Endeavor "
Taken Sep 21, 2012

Taken Sep 21, 2012
Community Events
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"B-24 Over Mountain View"
Taken May 26, 2016

Submitted Jun 22, 2015

"Magic Forest Journey Scarecrow"
Submitted Oct 7, 2014

"3 MV Boys become Eagle Scouts"
Taken Apr 4, 2013
Just for Fun
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"Velvety roses "
Submitted May 14, 2015

"Great Shot at Shoreline"
Taken Feb 28, 2015

"Double Rainbow/Shoreline"
Taken Feb 28, 2015

Taken Feb 28, 2015
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"Local Soccer Team Wins Tourney"
Taken May 26, 2014

"Winner of Rugby Ball"
Taken Dec 30, 2012

"Rugby Kids having fun"
Taken Dec 30, 2012

"Rugby Kids having Fun"
Submitted Jan 15, 2014
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"California Burning"
Taken Sep 12, 2015

"Fishing on the Sea of Cortez"
Taken Nov 21, 2013

"Sunset Solar Eclipse"
Taken Jun 10, 2002

"Williamsburg, VA Golf Course"
Taken May 24, 2013


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