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Look deeper at immigrant contributions

To Charlie Larson, (Voice letters Nov. 19): Whenever you are enjoying your lovely meal — whether it be fresh produce or fast food, do you ever wonder whose blood, sweat, tears and cheap labor made this possible for you to enjoy?

You comment that the "not legal resident parents" are not well educated and cannot effectively help with the education of their children (in local schools), but do you ever wonder why? Could it be because of the back-breaking exploitative labor that they are doing which interferes largely with their child's academic performance? Could it be the draconian laws and divisive political climate that these families are faced with that once again interferes with their child's academic performance?

As for your suggested public school tuition requirements for non-legal residents, the majority are already making hefty contributions. According to the New York Times article titled, "Illegal Immigrants Are Bolstering Social Security with Billions" published April 5, 2005 by Eduardo Porter, "Each year undocumented workers contribute as much as $1.5 billion to the Medicare System and $7 billion to the Social Security System even though they will never be able to collect benefits upon retirement."

With this in mind, we kindly suggest you research your concern about the monetary contributions of "not legal resident parents." We're sure you will be astonished with what you will find.

Diana Marin, Sacred Heart Preparatory; Pedro Carbajal, Los Altos High School; Jesus Caballero, Los Altos High School.

Other groups help on science project

Thank you for the wonderful article, "With science, seeing is believing" (Nov. 19). You captured the importance of science and nature-based education and brought to life for your readers the joy of discovery these programs bring to our local students.

Though the article focused on just one organization, I do want to emphasize that the Mountain View Whisman Science Collaboration includes the good works of five local non-profits, each of which is a leader in science and nature-based education. Our collaboration partners, as noted in the article, are: Hidden Villa, Youth Science Institute, Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society and Marine Science Institute. It is because of their collective good works that this initiative is groundbreaking and successful.

We invite your readers to learn more about this exciting program that is producing significant results in our local schools.

Allan Berkowitz

Executive Director, Environmental Volunteers






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