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Opinion - December 28, 2012

Here's what they're saying on Town Square

Scientist fields 'end of world' questions

Posted by Max Hauser

"A century ago, millennialism was chiefly known for the frequency with which its proponents gave precise, but unfailingly wrong, dates for the end of the world. Millennialists are more circumspect today." — Karl Keating

Mountain View reacts to massacre

Posted by Army Vet

To suggest that the schools are even remotely prepared for something like this is just wishful thinking or outright lying. Anyone legal or illegal can buy a gun legally or illegally if they want to. That's the reality. Forty percent of the elementary district population is Hispanic and many of these families are illegal. We know nothing about these individuals or if they have a criminal history or a mental illness ... That makes me a little more nervous on top of having to worry about all the other crazies this country produces on its own. Limit ownership of assault weapons to members of the military, active, reserve and retired with no criminal history or mental health issues.. They are trained to use them. Any other citizen only requires a revolver for protection or a shotgun. The price of ammunition should increase to at least $100 a round, unless you can produce a military ID. The profit should go to pay off the national debt. If people want more gun play, send them to Afghanistan on the next troop carrier departing. You can get all the gun play you want out there.

Posted by Army Vet

And ban violent video games and all games with shooting. And stop Hollywood from glamorizing violence and guns. (Oh no, you can't do that). Until then, I'd advise learning how to handle and shoot a gun and then buy one.

Posted by Objective Facts

A major cause of the problem is that "gun free zones" as required by federal law forces schools to be defenseless against lunatics. Only armed defense by responsible adults such as teachers and administrators trained and licensed to carry concealed firearms can stop these attacks, but that's not allowed under Federal law. The law that mandates pacifism and forbids responsible defense is costing innocent lives, which is both deplorable and correctable if we take an honest look at facts. We also need much better mental health care, but until that happens, why leave the most at risk completely defenseless? That's completely irresponsible, preventable and wrong.

Posted by Hard Facts

Truth of the matter is we have a huge mental health problem in this country, and no real ways of helping people with their problems. We throw artificial therapy at them (drugs) and move on to the next. I am a gun owner and I know many legal gun owners who own handguns, shotguns, "assault" rifles. We have not gone out on a shooting spree. The fact is if any one decides to put stricter laws regarding law abiding citizens, it won't do anything. You can buy any type of firearm on the street for even less than in a store. If some one really wants to cause harm to people, it won't be hard to look somewhere else. How about we look at the illegal gun trade harder before we start knocking people who follow the laws. Sometimes though, you just cannot fix crazy.


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