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For the Record - October 4, 2013

Voices Around Town

What do you think about the government shutdown?

Asked in downtown Mountain View. Photos and interviews by Nick Veronin.

"All that's going to happen is there will be a bunch of negotiations and they'll turn the government back on in two or three days, and in the meantime everyone has to deal with all the pain and suffering — no checks, no services, nothing. They act like there's no cost. But there is."

Terry Bates, Mountain View

"I think it is ridiculous. This doesn't happen in other countries as far as I know. It leads to inefficient government. I'm from Turkey, and I'm surprised to see this in the U.S."

Ali Ergun, Mountain View

"Obviously it is absurd. We've never had this back home in China. But the world is still running. It's not affecting me. It is affecting my friends, though. They were planning to go to a national park. I also have some friends who work for the government. They got the day off."

Liwen Chen, Mountain View

"I was laughing. It is kind of ridiculous. I'm not a political guy. I just find it quite funny that the government shuts down because people are fighting internally."

Hohamed Mansour, Mountain View

"It's an unfortunate situation. It kind of magnifies the split in parties — Republicans and Democrats. It just reiterates ... this disconnection between the groups."

Doug Denu, Mountain View

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