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Opinion - November 22, 2013

Here's what they're saying on Town Square

MVPD's 'Cops & Gobblers' raising money for Thanksgiving

The Mountain View Police Department is asking for the community's help. They aren't looking for witnesses to a crime or information on a suspect. They are simply asking for a little bit of time, some spare cash or a stuffed animal.

Posted by Murakami

I suggest people donate things rather than money. I suspect some of the money will go into operating cost and other things., I would say even substantial portion of the money will be spent on administrative costs and other miscellaneous costs. So if you would like help the people in need money, donate toys and other items rather than money.

Posted by Member

Do you need any volunteers? If so who do I need to contact? Thanks.

Posted by

Thank you all for the comments! @Member, we can always use volunteers. Check out: We are starting at 9 a.m. this Sunday, and hope to see you there!

Ideafarm vows to fight conviction

Going against the advice of his public defender and drawing gestures of exasperation from prosecutors, Wo'O Ideafarm has convinced a Santa Clara County Superior Court judge to postpone sentencing him, so that he might "prepare an attack on the validity of the trial."

Posted by Otto Maddox

Whether we agree with the defendant we should all support his right to due process. If he's entitled to appeal his case so be it. I do think it's interesting that the state will change your charges depending on how much you put up a fight. Exercise your rights and they will charge you with more crimes. That doesn't sound like justice to me.

Posted by Woohoo Ideafarm, You Go!! Take it to the limit

These garbage cases should not even be in court, this is what we pay big money, big pension, big medical to our judges, to rule over a circus? This should have been thrown out a long time ago. Why is the judge even ruling on this, to force the hand of justice on an innocent person. "Punishment: three years court probation, plus fines and fees." What? For holding a sign in the street. How many homeless people do you see with signs? This punishment is way too harsh. This whole thing needs to be thrown out. Ideafarm, maybe your next move should be to have a retrial because of your lousy lawyer not representing you. Go Ideafarm, We are with you all the way. Use the courts to its full extent. And please tell us all about the corruptions and misjustice they have or will show you.

New toxic hot spots linked to sewers

Environmental Protection Agency officials told residents Tuesday that the only plausible explanation so far for the mysterious "hot spots" of sky-high levels of toxics under Evandale Avenue is a leaking sewer line or storm drain — potentially placing the blame on semiconductor manufacturers once located on Whisman Road.

Great, right next to the new hotel that is planned.

Where's the outrage? Are we so used to hearing about this now that no one bothers anymore? What does it mean that the companies haven't taken legal responsibility? This sort of stuff makes one question if we're a nation of sheep, herded about by our corporate overlords. Those who made off with the profits as they dumped their effluent everywhere are not called out? By the way, this is not a historical event by any means. A lot of this happens every day today, just not here. Perhaps this is a bitter medicine for us to swallow but a daily occurrence in developing countries and even many cities and towns in the U.S. Those who cause it are never made accountable for it. God bless America.


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