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News - October 6, 2006

Protection proposed for old bordello

by Daniel DeBolt

Council member Greg Perry doesn't want there to be any excuse for the former brothel, dog track and speakeasy at 655 Eunice Ave. to be torn down, particularly as a result of a city ordinance.

But because it was built by gangsters, the old Wunderman house isn't exactly up to code. So Perry plans to propose a modification to city law so that historic structures that aren't registered historic landmarks will have extra protections from city inspections.

The city was about to make its final approval Sept. 26 for annexing the property, but stopped short of taking control of the land from the county because of Perry's concerns. He's scheduled to make his proposal Oct. 10.

Under current ordinances, Perry said, if the city were to annex the property it could prevent the Wunderman family from "extending the useful life of the building," such as restoring its roof or electrical system.

Alan Wunderman and his mother, Gilda Wunderman, were pleased to hear the news that their house could receive additional protections. Gilda had concerns when the city first approached her earlier this year to annex the property, but thought they had now been addressed.

"I hope it passes," she said of Perry's proposal.

In the 1970s, the Wunderman family fought off annexation by a more hostile city council that wanted to see the house demolished because of its past. The excuse used was that the house violated city building codes.


Posted by Mackenthun, a resident of another community
on Jun 28, 2008 at 12:12 am

Bonjour, I was fascinated by the article. Our family rented this house in the 1970s for a year and it was a wonderful year. I was small and went to the school next door OJ Cooper. We kept the two dogs (Brisca & Candy) from the Wunderman, while they were traveling. It was a magnifient house, full of fun and mystery with the mechanic piano bar in the basement, old saloons above, spelndi rooms... We used to hide in the walls with my brother.... good old days!!
This is my e-mail if ever you would like pictures of old times...

Marianne Griscelli (Mackenthun)