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Opinion - December 14, 2007

Letters to the Editor

Desperate and diner-less


This article really touched a nerve!

Downtown Mountain View has all the upscale eateries, but many of us feel that what we need is an old fashioned American diner to round out the experience. Towns all over the U.S. have such places where people meet, have a cup of coffee or can find comfort food, so why not Mountain View?

I hope there is someone out there willing to give this a go. I know that I would be in there, and so would many of my friends.

Margaret Turner

Bonita Avenue

Immigration debate irrelevant to local worker centers


I'm writing in support of the Mountain View Day Worker Center. Criticism of the center I've read seems to focus on the issue of illegal immigration. Certainly some form of federal immigration policy is needed, but is it reasonable that we attempt to enforce immigration policies by micromanaging day worker centers? Or rather, as I believe, should we allow the development and enforcement of immigration policy to be carried out in its own course?

Putting the immigration issue aside, the Day Worker Center performs a valuable service both for the community and for the workers, and it does so extremely well in my opinion. It is worth noting that the inherent dignity of workers is clearly honored by center policy and by Maria Marroquin, the facility's director, and her staff in center operations.

In our case, we manage virtually all of our household-related tasks ourselves, but we have jobs and other responsibilities to contend with, so sometimes yard maintenance and improvement needs outstrip our available time and skill base. Accordingly, we are glad that the Day Worker Center exists in Mountain View, and we hope that it remains as a community resource indefinitely. I was also impressed that center staff followed up by calling me to ask if I was satisfied with the services that they provided.

Joyce England

Snow Street

It is our representatives' duty to call for impeachment


Who is to protect the people from crimes committed by a president? The Constitution places this responsibility on the House of Representatives and gives it the necessary powers of impeachment.

What then has this administration done? Listing only the crimes set out in Rep. Kucinich's resolution to impeach Dick Cheney (see svimpeach.org for more detail) they have:

1) Made up a false threat of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction in order to wage a war against Iraq.

2) Made up a false link between Iraq and al Qaeda in order to wage a war against Iraq.

3) Damaged our national security by threatening war against Iran, when Iran poses no real threat to the United States.

Reps. Eshoo, Honda and Lofgren have sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution, but what have they done to protect the people whom they claim to represent? Nothing.

In the face of this dereliction of constitutional duty, the Silicon Valley Impeachment Coalition has demanded to know why they continue to oppose impeachment. We asked: If these are not high crimes and misdemeanors, what act would meet the definition, and how would it be more serious than those already cited?

So far, none of these representatives has deigned to respond.

The question still stands, and demands an answer. The best answer is for them to finally do their duty and support the start of impeachment hearings by supporting Kucinich's HR 333/799, now before the House Judiciary Committee and awaiting action.

John Anderson

Horizon Avenue

Organizer, SVIC

[plus 13 more signatories]


Posted by Jeanette Sollén, a resident of another community
on Jan 29, 2008 at 5:11 am

My name is Jeanette Sollén and I am writing to you from Sweden. I am aware that this is a magazine and that it might not be appropriate to use this forum for my purpose, but I hope you will excuse me. My reason for posting here is that I am looking for my relative Joyce England and while trying to find her on Google this was the only place where I found her name. Seeing her posting on this page made me hope that she, or someone who reads this, will be able to help me get in contact with her. You can get hold of me through this e-mail address: jeanette.sollen@comhem.se

Thank you so much and I am sorry for any inconvinience!
Best regards,
Jeanette Sollén