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News - April 4, 2008

Welcome to Landelsburg

Fifth graders reenact colonial life

by Casey Weiss.

Students at Landels Elementary School got a taste of colonial life last week, complete with blacksmiths, bonnets and debates over taxation and representation.

As part of their history class, fifth graders turned the auditorium into "Landelsburg" a colonial village with wig shops, blacksmiths, bakeries and millineries.

Girls wore aprons and dresses, and the boys dressed in collared shirts and black shoes, performing traditional dances and short skits about life in 1775 for their peers, parents and teachers.

"We got to experience the colonists and their hardships," said student Dahlia Wilkes, who dressed as a woman working in a millinery, or hat shop.

The reenactment was both cultural and historical lesson, with some actors discussing politics and others depicting everyday lives. In preparation, the fifth graders researched everyday life, food, dress and culture of the period, and wrote a report about a fictional character living in 1775.

Fifth grade teachers Arlene Bautista, Sharri Wiley and Pat Allan helped to organize the skits, including a military march and a conversation among elite women over tea.

The students even provided audience members with a colonial publication, the Landelsburg Gazette.

"Friends, as a small landowner, paying taxes is a burden," one a politician told the audience. "It is time for the colonies to react."

Now that they have spent the last four months rehearsing and reliving the 18th century, the students agreed it will be hard to forget about colonial life and the Revolution. And some said they are more grateful for the luxuries of modern life.

"I bet the [shoes] felt really uncomfortable because you made them out of wood," Jordan Rumohr said.


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