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Opinion - October 17, 2008

Letters to the Editor

Voice got it half right


The Voice batted .500 in my view in its selections for City Council candidates ("Macias, Means, Kasperzak and Crank for City Council," Oct. 10). Not bad when your editorial opinions average about the same.

The selection of the incumbents, Tom Means and Laura Macias, is acceptable in that both have done a good job in their first term and need that experience to tackle the challenges coming up.

The important last two seats need to be filled by candidates who are long-term residents of our community, have proven leadership experience in their careers and are actively engaged in city activities.

Given these criteria there are no better candidates than John Inks and John McAlister. They both have lived in our city for 30 to 40 years and understand its history. They both have local business and corporate backgrounds and education. They are both currently on the Environmental Planning Commission, and in the past Inks was a member of the Parks and Recreation Commission and McAlister volunteered in local schools.

As you stated, we face serious challenges in the next few years. We need people who are qualified to assume these roles. With all the problems we have in our Congress and state Legislature, let's elect qualified and responsible new leadership. We deserve the best for Mountain View.

Art Takahara

Foxborough Drive

Inks deserved Voice endorsement


The Voice's failure to endorse John Inks for City Council is a glaring oversight. Based on John's professional background, his extensive commission and advisory experience and his absolutely outstanding record of community service, he is one of the most qualified candidates in the race.

Overall, he has the broadest experience in parks, open space protection, major development, environmental quality and regional transportation. He is clearly among the best choices to lead on the council in the challenging times ahead.

Throughout John's campaign, he has developed strong personal rapport with thousands of voters. Many Voice readers must be puzzled why you did not endorse him. In any case, the election results will vindicate John's strong candidacy and cause readers to further question the Voice's judgment.

Kendle Bahl

Ortega Avenue

Party affiliations not relevant


In last week's edition, you provided the political party affiliation of each of the nine candidates for City Council, but no party affiliation of the three candidates for the high school board (Voter's Guide, page 21).

I am not sure that we need to know a candidate's party affiliation in a non-partisan race. On the other hand, it may be revealing that all four of the candidates the Voice has recommended for City Council are currently registered Democrats (even though one recently switched party affiliations.)

I, too, am a Democrat. Particularly at the local level, I am open to candidates who are more frugal than the usual Democrat.

Valerie Harris

View Street

Huge loss if Measure A loses


California has lost over 70 hospitals in the last decade, and right here in Santa Clara County we have seen the closure of San Jose Medical Center and the announced closure of Los Gatos Community Hospital. Santa Clara County already has among the lowest ratio of available hospital beds per resident in the state.

In the near future, we are at risk of losing 270 more hospital beds at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, one of the county's Level One trauma centers and hospital. With the reduced capacity, approximately 11,000 people would have to be turned away each year from VMC. The resulting shortage of hospital beds and reduced trauma services would be catastrophic to every other hospital in the county. In the event of a major earthquake or disaster, the catastrophe could become a nightmare for the health care system in the county.

By voting yes on Measure A on the November ballot to approve funding for the seismic upgrades necessary at VMC, you can protect the health care system in our county and ensure that Level One trauma, burn and neonatal services continue to be delivered at VMC now and in the future, especially after a major disaster. Vote yes on Measure A and learn more at www.vmcmatters.com.

Jen Eng

Perich Court

Sales tax will help BART reach county


I applaud the Voice's decision to endorse Measure B. After so many years of local, state and federal shortsightedness, bringing BART to Santa Clara County is an excellent way to begin planning for the future of the South Bay.

Though we face hard economic times, a 1/8th-cent sales tax increase for efficient public transit is really a small price to pay. Over the course of a year, that's one moderately priced lunch. Furthermore, this tax will not be levied unless the federal government provides part of the construction funding.

Almost everyone can agree that the South Bay is getting crowded. BART is an effective alternative to traffic and pollution. Measure B is a move in the right direction for Santa Clara County and Mountain View.

Edmond Hui

Calderon Avenue


Posted by Conservationist, a resident of The Crossings
on Oct 18, 2008 at 12:32 am

I met John Inks several years ago through Actera, while eradicating invasive species in the Palo Alto Foothills. John impressed me with his informed, balanced, and analytical approach, and most importantly with his community service. John deserves to be on the City Council.