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News - January 21, 2011

Bedbugs slip into town

Two Calderon apartments are site of city's first infestation

by Daniel DeBolt

After infesting the East Coast with a vengeance, bedbugs are beginning to jump into bed with West Coast residents, including some who live in Mountain View.

The tiny blood-sucking creatures have appeared in a pair of apartments in Mountain View's Avalon at Creekside apartment complex at 151 Calderon Avenue. To kill the bugs, exterminators were heating the neighboring apartments in building 70 with special fans on Monday, Jan. 17.

Mountain View is not alone in attracting the vermin.

"They're all over the place," said one of the exterminators, not about these apartments in particular but about the various bed bug infestations he'd fought up and down the San Francisco Peninsula.

The exterminator said he couldn't comment about what bugs in particular that he was killing, but a neighbor in the same building was happy to explain. Apartment managers had brought in dogs to sniff surround apartments for the bedbugs, said the neighbor, who wished to remain anonymous. Though no bedbugs were found in the neighboring apartments, the news that the two units were infested had some neighbors "freaking out," he said. The bugs are known to leave large red welts behind on their victims.

"They say they can spread, that's why we're worried," he said. "I'm going to continue to look under my mattresses to make sure nothing is there. I mean, anything is possible right?"

The bugs usually spread by hitching a ride on people, jumping off their victims to infest new spaces. They are found in hotels and apartment complexes most often, where people come and go more frequently.

According to, there have been complaints about bedbugs all around the Bay Area, but only one complaint from Mountain View, made in 2009 at a Central Avenue apartment complex. By a large margin, complaints made on the West Coast are outnumbered by those made on the East Coast.

To deal with the problem, exterminators use a process that heats the air inside the apartments until the bedbugs are killed, along with any other living thing, such as mold.

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