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Opinion - February 25, 2011

Concerns about marijuana dispensaries

As a citizen of Mountain View for over 15 years and a father of two young children, I oppose the approval of a medical marijuana dispensary in the city.

Among the reasons is the possibility for misuse of the marijuana obtained from local dispensaries. Patients of the dispensary are not monitored once they obtain the products and can illegally sell or give it away.

There is a security risk for our community. The dispensary will become a target for criminals who hope to rob it of the product, cash, or both. Finally, a dispensary inside the city limits sends the wrong message to the youth in our society. Approval of a dispensary here illustrates to other communities that it is okay to use marijuana even though the state and federal governments have made it illegal.

Here are some questions I have regarding this issue:

• If a marijuana dispensary opens in Mountain View, who can use it to get medical marijuana?

• Who approves someone to obtain medical marijuana? What criteria does a doctor use to decide who gets medical marijuana — someone with a sore tooth or someone with a terminal disease?

• What type of authorization does the patient obtain from the doctor — a card, note, or what? Can this be forged and therefore abused?

• With a prescription, how long will a patient be able to obtain marijuana? Is there a time limit — why or why not?

• What checks and balances will be in place to prohibit card holders from giving away or selling marijuana illegally?

• The dispensary will be a target for thieves looking for money or marijuana. What does the city plan to do to keep this from happening? Who will pay for this?

• Will patients be allowed to use marijuana at the dispensary (i.e. smoke)?

• Why can't doctors just prescribe marijuana, why do private businesses have to do this?

• Can't patients order marijuana over the Internet? Why not just order online and dispense with the dispensaries?

• One of my concerns is that having a marijuana dispensary will send the wrong message to kids, that there is nothing wrong with using marijuana. What does the city plan to do to educate the public or have the dispensary educate the public? If nothing, then they should not support the medical marijuana dispensaries in the City of Mountain View.

Chuck Muir lives on Emily Drive.


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