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For the Record - February 25, 2011

Voices Around Town

Is it ever acceptable for high school coaches to swear at their players?

Asked in Downtown Mountain View. Pictures and interviews by Peter Maxwell

"I don't think it's ever acceptable for a coach to cuss at their players. As a role model, you have to have a certain decorum and respect and I don't think cussing at your players shows them either of those things."

Avital Schlesinger, Santa Clara

"Not in this day and age, not with the climate that surrounds that language these days and how it affects emotions. "

Richard Learned, Sonora

"I think coaches and athletes need to be very respectful of each other. If the athlete did something to disrespect the coach, that's a problem, and if the coach did something to disrespect the athlete, that's a problem."

Vivek Agarwal, San Francisco

"I don't think it's appropriate. I think it's gonna happen, when I was in high school and played sports it happened all the time. In college it's not so much an issue but in high school it's inappropriate. It can be damaging to high school kids."

Aaron Dillon, Sunnyvale

"I don't think it is, I've been on enough sports teams that if a coach swore at me, I would be very discouraged."

Megan Haughey, Mountain View

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