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For the Record - March 18, 2011

Voices Around Town

In light of the quake and tsunami in Japan, do you think your city is prepared for a disaster?

Asked in Downtown Mountain View. Pictures and interviews by Peter Maxwell

"I'm definitely not prepared myself. It makes me nervous. I'm not sure if the city is prepared for an emergency. They should definitely double-check their preparedness. "

Melinda Gaul, Sunnyvale

"No, I do not think we are ready for something like Japan. The most the city can do now is to be aware. And you've got to get all the stuff you need, like food and water, and a place to meet if people lose their homes."

Sean Gee, San Carlos

"Those pictures from Japan really got to me, for a second I thought it could be us. But no, I don't think we could be prepared for something like that."

Norm Gorblat, Mountain View

"I don't think we are prepared for an earthquake. I plan on keeping flashlights, camping supplies, food and stuff like that handy just in case."

Brian Bruessow, Mountain View

"I doubt Mountain View is prepared. We need to organize escape routes, people need to store food and water. But in the case of a huge disaster, there is no way to prepare for the kind of damage that could happen to the city. We should definitely look to make these preparations though. Japan was a warning."

Tod Zimmerman, Mountain View

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