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For the Record - April 1, 2011

Voices Around Town

When police come across undocumented immigrants should they notify federal immigration authorities?

Asked in Downtown Mountain View. Pictures and interviews by Peter Maxwell

"No, they shouldn't. Deporting immigrants is against everything this country stands for; it's against their civil rights."

Carry Chang, Sunnyvale

"I don't think illegal immigrants should be targeted, but if they are found in the event of the crime, then yes, they should be deported."

Gary Kohara, San Mateo

"I don't think police should actively try to get anyone deported. A report is one thing, but if it leads to people getting kicked out of the country, then no, it shouldn't be a priority."

Tim Rupel, Santa Clara

"No, free travel is the greatest benefits of our civilization. No one should be profiled or forced to move."

Ron Johnson, Mountain View

"I don't think police should deport illegal immigrants. If it's in the event of a crime it should be noted that the person is an illegal immigrant, but I don't think they should be deported."

Suzette Cabanaugh, Cupertino

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